10 List Building Secrets to Jump-Start Your Business

So, just what is list building? It’s the process of adding new subscribers to your mailing list. It’s important because the more subscribers you have, the more people you have access to. Moreover, these aren’t just any people. These people are already interested in your business. They’re a prime audience of better than promising leads. Building a strong subscriber base should be high on your priority list, which is why… Read More »

TubeLaunch into Online Video Based Earnings

A great deal of controversy has surrounded the TubeLaunch affiliate program since late 2013. The problem with most of the published reviews regarding this program is that they read like biased content. The reviewer is either staunchly against the product—sometimes labeling it a sham or scam—oroverly supportive of the product due to a personal affiliate stakes. An educated look at TubeLaunch reveals a simple fact: you won’t make money off… Read More »

How to Earn an Income via Fiverr

Fiverr is a pretty awesome find for the online business or freelancer who wants to make money, which is every online business. Many people refer to Fiverr as an agent. Basically, you sign-up on the website, categorize your services, and interested parties search to find you because all services (or gigs) via Fiverr start at just $5. It’s a hub of activity, and a lot of people are finding success—4-figure… Read More »

An In-Depth SaleHoo Review: Could It Be A Scam?

  SaleHoo Review: As an Internet Marketer and business owner, I understand the risks that accompany online business start-ups. Escaping the 9 to 5 grind and stepping into entrepreneurship is no doubt intimidating, but your experience doesn’t have to be riddled with mistakes. With the hundreds of multi-level marketing and affiliate programs out there, how can you avoid the scams and shams in favor of true opportunities? Unbiased reviews of… Read More »

A Comprehensive Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter Review: Search engine ranking is big business. Legitimate business owners want to dominate the search engine results page (SERP) because that’s how they drive productive traffic to their website. The problem is not everyone understands how to dominate. As a result, we’ve seen a ton of SEO companies spring into existence. They all claim to be able to jumpstart your SEO and accelerate your rankings like rocket fuel.… Read More »

Jonah Hill’s Apology is a Lesson in Accountability

A few days ago, Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill lost his cool while being hounded by paparazzi and screamed a homophobic slur at them.  Because this is the age of everything ending up on the internet, it didn’t take long before the whole world knew and demanded that he apologize for his words.  Today, visibly shaken and upset, Hill made a public apology, saying he could not defend his language… Read More »

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam: Fact or Fiction?

Regardless of whether you’ve been on the work-from-home scene for ages or only briefly, chances are you’ve heard about the Wealthy Affiliate program—or rather the Wealthy Affiliate scam! It’s been around since 2005, and it has been the target of mixed reviews. It seems as though entrepreneurs either adore it or loathe it; there is little to no middle ground. Are the reviews scattered across the Internet composed of fact… Read More »

Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Photos Show Us How to Make Big Events Count  

No one leverages their personal life into publicity quite like a Kardashian, and this week in Kardashianland is no different, with Kim and Kanye’s strategically releasing the photos of their lavish weekend wedding to the public today.  Like her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian has extraordinary skill at one thing in particular: keeping everyone talking about her. It’s easy to make jokes about how a Kardashian… Read More »

Herbalife, Real Business or Pyramid Scam?

As with most multi-level marketing businesses (MLM), Herbalife has its cheerleaders and its detractors. It has been in business since 1980 when Mark Hughes began selling his product out of the trunk of his car. His goal was to change the nutrition and dietary habits of people all over the globe. He began with a protein shake that was intended to help people control their weight. From the trunk of… Read More »

Led Zeppelin Makes Us Ask: When is Copying Okay?

In another Tuesday in the music business, Led Zeppelin just got hit with a lawsuit claiming that their iconic song, “Stairway to Heaven”, copies its memorable guitar riff from the song “Taurus” by the lesser-known band, Spirit.  Popular musicians being hit with copyright lawsuits is absolutely nothing new, but the case against Led Zeppelin looks pretty damaging: not only is the guitar riff from “Stairway to Heaven” very similar to… Read More »