A Comprehensive Plexus Company Review – Scam or Not?

By | January 22, 2022

plexus energyIs Plexus a legit business, or is it a scam? Are there opportunities in the world of supplements and health-boosters offered by the company? In this review article, we uncover the realities of Plexus, and by the end of it, you will be able to discern whether the business is worth investing in or not.

When COVID-19 hit the world, many people lost their sources of income, and many more companies came forward promising easier ways to make money. More scams came to light as people became more vulnerable. It could be in terms of price or the product itself, but today, we help you uncover the truth behind Plexus.


The basis of this review:

Over the years, multi-level marketing programs have lost their credibility, thanks to their close similarity to pyramid schemes. They have left a negative image on most people because of some practices. However, not all of them are bad, and some present worthy investments where you can make money and set your path.

That is probably why you have landed on this page today. You want to understand whether Plexus is an excellent opportunity you can consider.

What is Plexus?

Plexus, otherwise known as Plexus Worldwide, is an MLM company that sells weight loss supplements. They also market and sell skincare essentials and replacement shakes. This company has been around for more than ten years now. Despite their efforts to stay legit, have faced several problems, including a lawsuit from the FDA.

Despite normal MLMs lasting only a few years in the market, Plexus has been relevant for over 10years, since its founding by Alfred Petterson and Tarl Robinson in 2006.

The Plexus Product Line

Plexus focuses on selling weight loss supplements, skincare essentials, and meal replacement shake. Their product line helps people lose weight and detox, such as protein shakes and supplements.

The skincare product line focuses on helping its users hide any signs of aging. Their store features weight management, gut health, personal care, supplements, and nutrition products with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

What about the Plexus Lawsuits?

When you browse a product line online and find a warning letter from the FDA, then you might raise your guard, and that is the right thing to do. But before you go ahead and condemn the company, let’s first find about this warning letter and a lawsuit.

The FDA Warning to Plexus

In 2014, Plexus got a warning letter from the FDA. According to the letter, three products from Plexus were in the market, and they were not considered safe.

Fast Relief, BioCleanse, and ProBio5 were ‘new drugs’ introduced into the market without the FDA approval. Also, according to the FDA, these products require medical practitioners for prescription, which is illegal. Therefore, regular people would risk misusing the drugs for unintended purposes.

The FDA also pointed out that the labeling was inappropriate since some directions for use were missing.

Plexus was then responsible for finding the causes of these violations and making the wrongs right.

The Environment Research Center Complaint Against Plexus

is plexus a scam?In October 2014, in the public interest, ERC filed a complaint against Plexus Worldwide, in which they alleged that Plexus failed to include warnings about their products containing lead. This is not a minor issue because lead is harmful to humans.

So, before you buy any products, you should consider these claims.

Other legal issues that Plexus faced:

The American Cancer Society had to request the organization to stop using its name when promoting Breast Chek Recheck during the National Breaks Cancer Awareness month campaign.

Additionally, social media platforms run by the organization advertise for over-the-top incomes. In reality, less than 97% of people involved in MLMs earn a lot of money. Only 1% of the distributors would earn a six-figure income, while the majority pocket less than $500 a year.

There have been legal battles between Plexus, former distributors, and the founding members. Customers are not very happy with the service, with ¾ of the total complaints to the company claiming charges on unwanted products.

A business does well when there is peace in all branches, from the management to distributors and customers. So, if you want an investment opportunity with Plexus, do not overlook these battles.

Enough with the negatives. Let us see how you can make some money with Plexus Worldwide.

Investment Opportunities at Plexus

As stated before, not all MLMs are scams. Plexus is among one of the legit businesses in the market, and you get more than one way to earn income with their compensation plan.

There are some benefits of using the Plexus compensation plan, and these include:

  1. You can diversify your profits
  2. The programs are easy to understand
  • They reward you for building a loyal customer base
  1. Pays up to 7 levels
  2. If you are an ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn income on the worldwide sales
  3. You get incentives for any leadership roles you take on


Now, how can you earn some money on Plexus?

1.     Retail Rewards Commission

Upon becoming a Plexus ambassador, you can earn some money through the retail reward program. You do not need a team for this, and you can create a replicated Plexus website, where you include your acceptable form of payment

Retail commissioners buy products from Plexus at wholesale members’ prices and resell these products to customers at recommended retail prices. As a retailer, you can either sell to your clients directly from your inventory or have them buy from your replicated website.

Products bought through the website have an associated ambassador number, which links to your personal volume (PV). As the PVgrows, your commission increases.

2.     Retail Reward Override Commissions

This is another commission earned by retail ambassadors, whose sales volumes exceed 100PV. It is usually 5% of the personal volumes sold.
For instance, if you are a Plexus ambassador and sell 2500PV in one month, you earn a 5% override commission for products above 100PV. So, you make 5% of 2400PV.

3.     Preferred Customer Bonus

Most people who want to join Plexus want to become retailers or ambassadors. Also, a few customers who succeed with their products express interest in becoming ambassadors.  However, you can also become a preferred customer and earn bonuses.

Whenever a preferred customer with a recurring monthly subscription purchases products, you can earn a bonus. However, this method is not as straightforward as a referral. Instead, the customer has to purchase for you to make money

4.     Building Business Bonus

When you join the Plexus team, you get a new ambassador bonus. The new member buys a package at subsidized prices within the first 30 days of joining the company.

As an older member or upline ambassador with Plexus, you earn a bonus from purchasing the welcome pack. The new ambassador will not gain from their purchase. Still, if another new member buys a welcome package after their registration, they become upline ambassadors and earn a commission from the purchase of a welcome package within the month.

Find out more ways of making money at Plexus by clicking here.


The Plexus Income Disclosure

plexus energy incomeOne of the significant shortcomings among MLMs is their lack of honesty when it comes to income distribution. According to their Income disclosure statement, Plexus commits to providing opportunities to their ambassadors to open doors to personal success.

The claim is not a lie because they proceed to provide as much information as they can on how much you can earn, the type of bonuses you can get, and how you handle discontent products.

The income disclosure states that:

  1. Top 1% of the Plexus ambassadors earn an average of $79,624 annually within 23 months

Among the top 1%, half of them made more than $39,441

  1. The top 10% of the ambassadors make an average of $13,550, with half of them making more than $4,982
  • On average, calculated over the total number of ambassadors enrolled in Plexus, the mean earning for each ambassador was $310.48

The bonuses you can make include:

  1. Preferred customer bonuses
  2. Commissions and bonuses upon reaching a specific sales volume
  • Plexus pools and rewards that you earn as you progress through the achievement ranks

About refunds:

Plexus Worldwide promises a 60-day money-back guarantee on customers and ambassadors who may not be happy with their products. Also, whenever an ambassador chooses to terminate their enrollment, Plexus promises to buy all the marketable inventory purchases in 12 months.

However, the ambassador has to part with not more than a $15 restocking fee.

Now to the thousand dollar question, is Plexus a scam or not?

A few things you can note along the way point to the fact that Plexus is not a scam. For instance, they have stayed relevant in the market for about 15 years now. Also, they have clear information on how their business operates and how you can earn your share. That is rare for MLM companies.

However, we are not giving you the green light to invest in the business. Before you can make a final decision on whether or not to join the health and wellness business sold by Plexus, consider the following factors:

  1. You have no control over business

Plexus, like many other MLMs, deny you control over the business. You are joining them midway, so it makes some sense. This means that you enter the company by purchasing a few of their products to sell at a different price. However, if authorities decide to close the business, for instance, over claims made by the FDA against Plexus, you can only deal with it.

You have no claim to the company.

  1. The market demand and supply is unusual

The standard demand and supply in the market contradict a business to thrive. This implies that you require more people asking for the products for sales guarantees than the number of people supplying the products.

However, like other MLM programs, Plexus has too many suppliers, with fewer people demanding the products. This raises the competition levels, including fellow Plexus ambassadors. As a result, you have to invest in double, if not triple, the marketing effort to reach the sales volumes you need to earn a profit.

  1. You risk ruining a few relationships

One way to earn money from Plexus is through preferred customers. This means introducing a member to the product and buying the product. As a result, you may end up hiding some information about the business when inviting new members to join.

Well, there is no perfect business, but hiding information from friends and families could end up ruining your relationship as you try to grow your team.

Plexus Memberships

To become an ambassador and enjoy reduced prices on your products, you have to pay an annual membership fee that recently increased from $34.95 to $39.95.

This amount includes an ongoing training fee, a virtual office, and a 25% discount on all products. You also get tools to manage your new business.

Final Verdict

You can take away from the discussion that Plexus Worldwide is not a scam. There are complaints, mostly from customers, on the return policy, but the company is legit.

It offers an investment opportunity that you can try out. However, with the lawsuits from some of the nation’s significant bodies like the FDA and ERC, you should consider whether the risk is worth it or not.

You can join the program because it has a step-by-step guide on conducting business and blueprints to create a thriving online business with its products. You also get a lot of support and join an active community of ambassadors.

However, do not ignore the red flags. Before you experience troubles like failed refunds or high investments with recruiting drama, take your time and go through the information we have provided above.

If you are unsure what actions to take because of Plexus’s warning signs, you can go through our top-rated business opportunities and choose the one you like.

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