A Comprehensive Review of Perfectly Posh – Is it a Scam?

By | January 17, 2022

In this guide, we shall have a comprehensive review of Perfectly Posh. Is it a scam? It is worth your time and investment? We’ll present you with facts to help you decide if it’s a good opportunity for you.

If you want to invest in a business, you probably found yourself on the internet looking for more information about it, only to come up short. There is too little information to help you decide whether a program like Perfectly Posh is an opportunity or a fraud. Alternatively, you are performing your due diligence when someone presents an opportunity to you. In any case, today, we will help you get all the information you need to decide on your investment.

The basis of the review

Whenever you surf the internet looking for information about Perfectly Posh, you will most likely come across two types of reviews. First, you get an extremely positive review from someone actively promoting its products. Alternatively, you come across a negative review of someone who did not find satisfaction in the Perfectly Posh products.

Either way, you come up short on factual information that would help guide you in making an investment decision. Therefore, today, we will help you uncover all there is to know about Perfectly Posh, and later on, you can make a choice.

We will take you through the company, its products, how you can make money on the program, how you can join, and so much more.

What is Perfectly Posh?

If you enjoy pampering, you have probably come across the company Perfectly Posh. Since its founding in 2011, Perfectly Posh has set its purpose on revolutionizing the natural pampering world. Given that most of these businesses do not last long, we see our first green flag from the beginning.

Perfectly Posh is a networking (Multi-Level Marketing) company that allows its associates to earn monetary compensation in exchange for their sales. It has a complete product line, which sets it apart from a pyramid scheme. Some of the direct competitors for Perfectly Posh include Scentsy and Norwex.

How does the MLM Company Work?

perfectly posh

The name comes from the hierarchical nature of earning money in the organization. Usually, investors earn a return on their investment through commissions. The commissions come from the sales and the number of members you sign into the organization.

MLMs work in a complicated yet straightforward manner. First, you sign up and refer other people to the program. When people sign up and purchase products from the company using a unique ID you get upon registration, you earn a commission.

Alternatively, you can promote products in workshops, parties, or online on social media platforms. When people buy using your advertising links, you also earn a commission.

When new members bring in new members, you also get a hierarchical arrangement, and you earn commission from their transactions. As the number of ranks increases, the more commission you earn.

The Perfectly Posh Product Line

As part of its legitimacy, Perfectly Posh offers a complete product line that you can use to earn money. It focuses on the sales of quality products that work to help with its users’ health and wellness needs.

The Perfectly Posh product line includes:

  1. Hair Products

The hair product line includes:

  • Posh To Meet You
  • One Night Strand Hair and Scalp Mask
  • End Mend Conditioner
  • End Mend Fix Spritz
  • Puttin’ On the Spritz Hair Shimmer Spray
  • Tressed to Impress Conditioner
  • Beach hair, Don’t Care Sea Salt Spray


  1. Hand and Feet Products

It is not a complete self-pampering if you miss the hands and feet. Perfectly Posh has a rich collection of products just for your feet and hands. These include:

Social Butterfly Hand Crème

  • Ain’t that the Youth Hand Crème
  • Warm Welcome Hand Crème
  • The Healer Skin Stick
  • Sleepy Sleep Skin Stick
  • Paper Moon Hand Crème
  • Rubby Scrubby Foot Stick
  • Schwanky& Soft Foot Crème
  • Posh to Meet You
  • As Good as Gold Skin Stick


  1. Face and Lip Products

Perfectly Posh understood the assignment when asked to provide products for self-pampering. They are in their A-game, with a range of products. These face and lip products include:

  • Melodrama lip balm
  • Latin Love Lip Balm
  • Never Grow Up Face Crème
  • Pore Chores Face Mask
  • Moisturize 911 Facial Moisturizer
  • Just Chillin’
  • Hot and Gold Firming Face Mask
  • The Immunator Skin Stick
  • Sleepy Sleep Skin Stick
  • BFF: Best Face Forever- Face Wash
  • Pineapple Pick Me Up
  • Night & Day Face Moisturizer


  1. Bath Products

A nice bath can wash away your stress, and Perfectly Posh presents the broadest range of products you can consider. These bath products include:

  • Milking it Bath Bar
  • Where You Bean All My Life Bath Bar
  • Rolling in the Deep Bath Bar
  • Easy Peasy Bath Bar
  • Dive In Chunk
  • Muscle Through
  • Sweet Breese Snarky bar
  • Dive in Bath Bar
  • Be Sweet. Stand Tall. Wear a Crown. Bath Bar
  • Hunk Chunk Bath Bar
  • Field Better Soon Bath Bar
  • Gender Bender Bath Bar

How do you earn money at Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh is a multi-level marketing organization. Therefore, you will earn money in two significant ways. You can either promote their sales or refer people to the program.  The Perfectly Posh Compensation Plan, outlined on their website, is also a good sign.

According to the plan, you can earn between 20% and 40% as a base commission on all personal sales. Sales from referrals can earn you about 10-15% from direct recruits or 10-15% from sales made by your first referrals’ first-level recruits.

However, the commission allocation is not without restrictions. To qualify for your 40% commission, you need to make more than 500 personal volume (PV) sales every month. These sales combine both physical sales from your inventory and the ones you sell online.

You can also receive a base 20% sales commission without meeting the 500PV minimum limit.

The payment plan issued by Perfectly Posh can be monthly or instantly, however you like. You would also need to apply to their website to join the team.

Compensation Plans

As a member of the Perfectly Posh community, you can earn money in the form of bonuses. Some of the common ones include:

  1. Perfectly Posh Retail Bonus

With this bonus, you earn the amount that is the difference between the retail and the wholesale price. In short, you can buy the Perfectly Posh products at wholesale prices from the company and resell them at the recommended retail price.

You can either sell them in person or through a replicated website, linking your customers to Perfectly Posh through your unique ID.

  1. The Perfectly Posh Team Builder Bonus

You earn commission through referrals. Essentially, you build a team of customers under you and make profits whenever anyone buys a product from Perfectly Posh. Each downline customer or distributor, who originated from your initial referral, earns you a certain amount of money whenever they make sales.

However, the is a cap to the number of generations. Usually, you can earn from up to 3 generations down the line.

  • Rising the ranks

The earning potential of any member in the Perfectly Posh community increases as they rise the ranks. The better your downline team is, the better the compensation plan you enjoy. In addition, your level affects the commissionable team volume.

The Legal Troubles at Perfectly Posh

perfectly posh legal

If you want to invest in an MLM, a letter from the FDA is not a welcoming sight. Moreover, this is what you might see whenever you search for any legal troubles associated with Perfectly Posh.

In 2017, the company and its CEO Ann Dalton received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, concerning a few of their products. The products in question included:

  • Share Skin Joy Coconut Oil
  • Goodnight Kisses Overnight Lip Mask
  • Purifier Snarky Bar
  • Call it a Night Nighttime Facial Oil
  • Lemon Wedgie Caffeinated Lip Balm


From FDA

According to the FDA, these five products, under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, section 201 (g) (1) (B), were considered as drugs. This was because of their intended use in the mitigation, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

Therefore, introducing these products into interstate commerce without the approval of the FDA was against the act. In addition, according to the warning from the FDA, these products were not safe and effective for the conditions they claimed to treat.

The advice issued by the FDA mounted responsibility on Perfectly Posh to review their adverts and product labels to ensure that products only reflect the information for the intended use.

Perfectly Posh Income Disclosure Statement

Over the 10 years the business has been in operation, there has not been an income disclosure statement on their website. This is common among many MLMs, but the sad truth is that less than 1% of the distributors earn a lot of money.

The lack of an essential document to the public is a red flag. It could mean that the company is hiding something from its investors, which is never a good sign.

How do you Join Perfectly Posh?

One of the significant benefits of the company is the affordable starter kits they sell. You can get one for as low as $30. As of May 1, you could join the community by paying $30, and then building your kit, and receiving payment instantly. This starter kit is perfect for people with many Posh products on their hands and who want to join in as consultants.

Another alternative for interested members is the $99 starter kit with products. To join the team, you can visit the Perfectly Posh website and get all the information you need.

Once you are a member, you start making sales, which Perfectly Posh calculates at 100% USD retail price.

What is good about Perfectly Posh?

After reviewing all the information, we can give a few good points to Perfectly Posh.

  1. You get to earn commission as soon as you start trading. Therefore, the commission rates for newbies is good
  2. The program has straightforward operations
  • You can earn a commission even if you fail to meet the minimum PV requirements
  1. The ranking and downline structure is simple
  2. The Perfectly Posh product line has some strong selling points, including organic ingredients, and no animal testing

What is there to dislike about Perfectly Posh?

No business is perfect, and Perfectly Posh is no different. Some of its shortcomings include:

  1. You pay to join the team
  2. The organization does not provide an income disclosure statement
  • The commission from referrals ends at the third generation. Therefore, you have to keep recruiting new members to earn a commission, which is problematic.
  1. If you want to rise in ranks, you have to keep buying their products

Now, is Perfectly Posh a fraud or not?

The better business bureau rated Perfectly Posh an F. However, the company faces many complaints in the shipping department. Some also claim that there are problems with the quality of the products.

These vary everyday struggles for beauty and health industries. Regarding the issue of whether the company is a fraud company or not, you can rest assured that it is a legitimate MLM business.  The argument may be on their skillset and marketing strategy to place their products on the front line of competition.

Final Takeaway

The MLM industry pays out about $45.49 billion in commission annually. This translates to about $1442.34 per second, and the amount is only growing with time. In the beauty industry, selling an all-natural product seems to be the hype today. And the scam may be on the price tag.

Perfectly Posh has managed to avoid such complaints and now battles with its customers on shipping and quality. As others have done before you, you could join the business, but with the disputes between the FDA and customers, having your cards planned out right from the beginning might save you from a lot of trouble.

Remember, the company does not offer an income disclosure. It could be hiding that many of its new members are losing money or that people earn different rates on different stages. Who knows why they hide it? As of our opinion, you should think twice before investing with Perfectly Posh.

However, if you are unsure, you can consider investing in some of the top-rated business opportunities we present to you even after the review above.



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