What is Blogging and How Can You Make Money From It

By | March 29, 2020

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word BloggingYou have probably heard of people ask “what is blogging” and “how can I make money with my blog”. If you are a passionate writer, and you want to take your writing skills to another level, then blogging is the best way to do so. Here, we explore on blogging, how to get started, and ways to monetize your blog to make profits out of it.

Blogging Basics

A weblog, or simply called a blog is a diary or written expression of your thoughts and ideas published online. It offers a way to reach out to a wider public and let them know more about your opinions on a range of topics, or at least in your area of expertise. In fact, a blog can be about anything you want to talk about, and you can share these insights to others as they read it on the internet.

Some people write blogs for the sake of sharing their knowledge or level of expertise on a subject, while others consider blogging to make money. If you are more interested on the second one, then you should read along to learn how this is done.

Starting a Blog

Create a blog today outdoor blackboard panelYou will need to get a hosting platform, which can put your blog out there on the world wide web. A full-service hosting service is the best way to go for newbies since it handles the intricate and tech-related portion of setting up a blog, which gives you more time and energy to focus on your writing. You can select from stunning themes that will enhance the appearance of your blog – and these will not cost you a single penny. What’s more, there are video tutorials on how to get started, so you get an easy-to-understand walk-through on the path to blogging.

Make Money from Blogs

Once your blog is up and running, you should work on customizing the theme to make it more appealing to your audience, put some ads relevant to your posts, optimize the blog for search engines (and maximize site traffic), and explore on various ways to monetize your blog. When it comes to gaining profits from blogs, you have some options to consider including the following:

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

You may want to promote some products on your blog and sell affiliate products, such as what you can find at clickbank.com. As you visit this site, you can find different items to sell including key facts and stats about these products. The best thing to do is to select one that has the finest reputation with an impressive payout to boost your profits.

Once you have selected the item you want to sell, you can work your blog around this product. Promote it by making an honest review of the affiliate product, and make sure your blog post is well-written and reliable. Once you sell the item, you can get up to 80 percent worth of commussion. Sounds fair enough, right?

2. Make Amazon Reviews

Another quick and easy way to make money through your blogs is by writing amazon product reviews and linking your writeup to the product sold on amazon.com. Once someone reads your blog, clicks on the link and purchases the item on amazon.com, you will receive a commission – as long as your site was the last affiliate link that the person clicked. Include a footer at every post you have and add a few links there. This way, people can find these areas with links to products they are interested in, and with every purchase, you get your share of the sale.

Final Word

There are indeed so many ways to make money on your blog and have fun with each step of the way. So, get started with your own blog today, explore your creativity and maximize your profits from the amount of time and energy you invest on this amazing money-making venture.

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