Bring the Fresh Review: A Beginners’ Internet Marketing Resource

By | March 29, 2020

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Bring The Fresh Review

One of the newer contenders in the field of online training for internet marketing, Bring the Fresh was founded by Kelly Felix, famous for his “Rich Jerk” website and marketing system.  After splitting from the other founder of Rich Jerk, Felix branched out on his own to found Bring the Fresh, with the aim of teaching the skills that made him a successful internet business owner to a new generation of online entrepreneurs.  A new venture, Bring the Fresh Gold, was founded this year, but has no real connection to the original Bring the Fresh (and is much more expensive).

Who is Bring The Fresh for

Bring the Fresh claims that their resources are easy for absolutely anyone to use, and for the most part they’re absolutely right.  The training videos don’t quite start at rock bottom, but they’re still clear and easy to follow even for newbies to internet marketing, and the learning curve up to the more advanced material is definitely not too steep to follow.  More experienced internet marketers can improve their tool set and skill base with the more advanced material and upsells.

An overview of Bring the Fresh

Unlike many other training tools for online income, Bring the Fresh doesn’t focus purely on affiliate marketing: instead, Bring the Fresh opts to give users a far more comprehensive overview of building a website, optimizing your content for SEO, choosing your marketing and affiliate partners and driving traffic to your own site and sites promoting your material.  The one-time membership fee gets you access to an extensive PDF guide to online marketing, a slate of training videos and webinars, and the member forums where Bring the Fresh users exchange experiences and shortcuts, and help troubleshoot each other’s online businesses.  Multiple upsells in the member area allow you to cherry pick more advanced courses to help build your business in unique and personalized ways, though the huge variety of upsells can drive up the cost for users who aren’t careful about tracking their expenditures.

Training, tools and support

The base product of Bring the Fresh is its training system, which is divided into three parts.  The first of these is the 50-page PDF Fast Start Guide to internet marketing, which takes you through – in detail – the basics of setting up a niche site, choosing keywords for SEO, choosing affiliate partners and driving traffic to your website.  There is also a video version of the Fast Start Guide for more visual learners, which covers the same information.  The second part is the website building training, which comes as part of the included website building tool.  The training documents are designed to make designing an attractive, effective website easy and intuitive, getting you started with your business that much faster.  The last part is the online webinars, which are regularly updated and which cover various aspects of building your online business in more detail, from website design to traffic building strategies.  Additional videos and one-on-one training are available as upsells, and are most useful once you already have a grasp of the basics.

Of the tools offered, most are upsells and deal with affiliate marketing and traffic generation, but Bring the Fresh does offer its own proprietary website builder at every membership level.  Unlike site builders like Wix and Weebly, the Bring the Fresh website builder is tailored specifically for income-generating sites, making things like placing ads and creating meta tags easy to do even for beginners.  Upsells include tools to track your traffic, web hosting, and advanced keyword analysis so that you can see how well your selected keywords are performing.

The best support tool is definitely the member forums: even though Bring the Fresh is fairly new to the marketplace, there’s already a vibrant and supportive community populating the forums and helping each other get the most out of Bring the Fresh’s training and tools.  Most basic troubleshooting problems have a solution somewhere within the forums, and if not members are usually quick to answer questions and brainstorm a solution.  It may not be “official” advice, but it does the job just as well.  Of course, if you have a problem the forums can’t answer, or that you don’t want to present to the forms – perhaps because it involves personal information – there is an official support form.  Getting a response may take a few days, but very few support requests get ignored outright, and the Bring the Fresh staff are usually friendly and courteous when dealing with their customers.

bring the fresh review

Bring The Fresh Website

The pros and cons

Pro #1: The information is clear, well laid-out and easy to understand, even for complete beginners.

Pro #2: The start-up cost is relatively low compared to other online training tools.

Pro #3: The active member forums make it easy to get support if you run into trouble.

Con #1: Even with the constantly updated content, some of the information is still incorrect or out of date.

Con #2: There’s a lot of pressure to buy the various upsells, which can really raise the cost.

What does Bring The Fresh costs?

You can get started with Bring the Fresh for $7 by taking advantage of their one-week trial.  Once the trial expires, you have a couple of options to maintain your membership: a limited membership for $37, which offers you access to a handful of Bring the Fresh’s member tools, or a “Lifetime” membership for $89.  Once you’re in, Bring the Fresh also has a vast array of upsells, and the program is designed to encourage you to buy into them.  The most useful of these is the $197 “Project Profits”, which unlocks Bring the Fresh’s full spectrum of video lessons, webinars, and PDF documents.  Other upsells include web tools, marketing advice, and one-on-one training, with costs ranging from $30 into the thousands of dollars.  While the basic startup cost is fairly low, taking advantage of more than a few upsells can definitely drive the price up very high.

Bring the Fresh review conclusion

Bring the Fresh is another pretty solid resource for beginners in the internet marketing world.  Even with the limited membership, the information offered is relevant and easy to follow.  The start-up cost is pleasantly low, and the active member forums make getting support easy and painless.The content is updated and refreshed regularly, so users can be sure of having a current and dynamic set of tools to jump-start their online businesses.

On the negative side, Bring the Fresh does make most of its money through its upsells, so, while the entry price is relatively low, you may find the limit to the “Lifetime” membership material frustrating.  Upsells are promoted often and aggressively, meaning that even legitimately useful upsells sometimes feel a little shady.  In addition, some of the upsells are fairly overpriced, and a couple are completely useless: like so many online marketing training systems, Bring the Fresh has information on backlinks that could get your website de-indexed from Google altogether.

With that said, Bring the Fresh is still a well-designed, worthwhile training system that offers useful information and plenty of tools to get you started with your online business.  The low entry cost makes Bring the Fresh a great place to get started, and as long as you’re careful about which upsells you buy, you can build yourself a learning system that will really put you ahead in the internet marketing business.


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