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By | March 29, 2020
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Chris Farrell Membership Website

The Chris Farrell Membership is relatively new to the Internet, but Chris Farrell himself is not. Created by the successful and respected Internet marketer Chris Farrell — an online genius who started with no experience and has now made over $1 million in sales — this program offers introductory training to those who want to master Internet marketing. The goal of the website is to provide in-depth knowledge and the essential training tools so that anyone, regardless of experience, can become an Internet marketing guru.

Because of who it is created by, it has a bigger chance for success. Chris Farrell created the product himself and stands behind the product, which can be a good sign for Internet marketing training programs.

Who Is This For?

The Chris Farrell Membership is designed for beginners with little to no Internet marketing experience. This is because the program itself is in-depth and offers a step-by-step process to help individuals build their own website. It is designed for those who want to start their own Internet marketing business and work from home. It covers the core things a person needs to get started, such as setting up a domain, finding hosting, setting up auto responder emails, and basic marketing. For those who already have an Internet marketing background, this information may be too simple and may cover things they already know. However, it could be good for those who want to brush up on their skills or review more up-to-date techniques — since this industry is constantly evolving.

A Quick Product Overview

The product is designed to teach aspiring Internet marketers how to get started and actually be successful. The membership includes all of the necessary strategies and tools to drive traffic to a website, generate leads, etc. All of the tools that are included in the membership are what make a person successful.


chris farrell membership trainingThe amount of information a person will receive from the Chris Farrell Membership is rather astounding. There are literally thousands of hours of content that give beginner Internet marketers the tools they need to succeed. The site houses over 1,000 separate training videos and 20 training programs. Therefore, those who pay for their membership won’t be shorted on training materials. Training material are often updated and added as new changes come into the industry. In fact, there are updates added almost daily and these updates are automatically included with the paid membership. So, essentially a new Internet marketer will have the opportunity to learn on a daily basis even after he has set up his business. There are 20 days of training modules, which will teach a beginner:chris farrell membership review

  • How to create their own eBook
  • How to earn money through WordPress
  • How to monetize
  • How to create their own products
  • How to write amazing copy for their website 

Tools Included

In addition to the training, the Chris Farrell Membership comes complete with essential tools. The biggest advantage is the fact that subscribed members have free unlimited hosting for their new website. There are step-by-step guides that help marketers set up their websites and a series of pre-made website templates that users can pick and load in an instant. Also, subscribers get access to the site optimization tool, which can help increase their search engine rank.


chris farrell membership supportThere is ample support on the site for paid members. There is a discussion board where other members can talk with one another and get additional insight or advice. Also, Chris Farrell has a phone number listed for members to call if they ever have any questions. The membership overall is moderate, but not great. There is a team of support professionals who can answer questions or address concerns while setting up hosting or the website, but actually training support is mostly found in the discussions and forums.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Chris Farrell Membership

As with any product there are going to be some advantages and disadvantages. Those who are considering the Chris Farrell product should review these closely and compare them to their own needs — since a disadvantage to some could be an advantage to others.

Advantageschris farrell membership no 1

  • Low initial startup cost
  • Premade templates for quick and easy website setup
  • Tech support that is friendly and helpful
  • Easy learning process broken down into segments
  • Thousands of training videos for in-depth information
  • Access to a discussion and forum for extra help
  • Users can leave testimonials and feedback suggestions for improvement


  • The amount of time it takes to be successful can vary from person to person
  • There are extras that have to be paid in addition to the membership fee
  • There is no free trial to get started
  • There isn’t any owner support
  • The navigation of the site is difficult and hard to navigate at times
  • The blog doesn’t have any content added as of yet 

The Price of the Chris Farrell Membership

Pricing is always a concern, especially when someone is investing into a product they don’t know much about. As of right now users can sign up for a trial of seven days. The trial fee amount changes, but it has been noted from $1 for 7 days up to $49.95 for 7 days — all depending on when a person signs up for their trial subscription. After the first seven days the user will be charged a membership fee of $37 per month. There are fees to buy a domain, which average about $10 per year per domain. If a user wants to be mentored one on one by Chris Farrell they will need to pay an additional $997.

For the basic membership users will have access to all of the training materials, support staff and discussion forums. There is no additional fee to access updates or additional content. Also, users receive free unlimited hosting for all of their domains. So once they pay for the domain itself, they don’t pay anything after that. Essentially a user could set up hundreds of sites and save thousands of dollars.

My Chris Farrell Membership Review Conclusion

In the Chris Farrell Membership you are taught tried and true methods of Internet marketing. These methods are used by successful Internet marketers from around the world and they do actually work. The teachings are very basic and they don’t go into any advanced Internet marketing techniques. It is, however, possible to earn money off of the basic techniques provided to you in the training.

The training itself isn’t bad, and Chris Farrell makes for an excellent speaker in his videos. He is clear and concise, but some of this methods could be considered old fashioned. Experienced Internet marketers won’t learn much from this membership; therefore, it really is only successful for those with little to no experience in the industry. The membership, however is not a scam. Once you sign up and pay for your membership, you really do get access to what you are told you’ll get.

While the Chris Farrell Membership isn’t the best program out there, it is a competitor. If you are looking to start out in Internet marketing, I recommend giving this program a try. Once you have mastered the basics you may have to find a more in-depth training program, but at least you will gain the basics for success here.


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