Comprehensive Fiverr Review: How to Earn Money with Fiverr

By | April 1, 2022

Fiverr reviewIf you are reading this, you thought of going freelance or looking to expand your scope. When you join Fiverr, then your limits become endless. You can work from anywhere, in the field of your expertise. Whether you are looking for a part-time hustle or a main job, you can put your skills to work and get paid for it.

Fiverr has an infamous reputation as the 5-dollar platform. This is because most of the jobs on the forum are from $5. However, this reputation is long gone. Some of the freelancers on the platform earn as much as a few thousand dollars on a job.

If that sparks some interest, keep reading for more information.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a perfect place to start if you are new to freelancing., or Fiverr, as we will be referring to it, is a popular online marketplace where businesses and individuals sell and buy services. Founders of Fiverr aimed to provide a marketplace where freelancers can advertise and sell their available digital services.

Fiverr is among the top-rated freelancing platforms where independent contractors buy and sell micro-gigs. When you join Fiverr, you will refer to these micro-gigs as Fiverr gigs.

However, unlike websites like Upwork, which handles projects that can last up to 3 months, Fiverr focuses on short-term projects. These Fiverr-gigs have very short turnaround times of at most 72 hours.

The jobs on the platform tend to be smaller, maybe a single blog or article, rather than projects that extend into a month. Therefore, the smaller scopes allow the freelancer to submit tasks faster and easier.

The platform has nearly 500 subcategories where you can work in. So, as a freelancer, your opportunities are endless on the forum. You can easily convert your skill or hobby into cash.

Fiverr came to being back in 2010, and it got its name from the nature of its tasks. The jobs were small and had a fast turnaround time, with most costing around $5, hence the name. However, the nature or the job in the marketplace is changing.

By being the connection between freelancers and businesses looking to outsource some of their services, Fiverr is now one of the largest freelancing websites in the world. It is also a perfect website to earn money, either professionally or as a side hustle while traveling.

What do you need to join Fiverr?

By now, you can already tell that many freelancers use Fiverr to get gigs and earn some money. So, it is safe to deduce that the joining process is not as complicated as you would think.

First, when you want to join Fiverr, you start by researching everything there is to know about the platform. Lucky for you, we are here.

You can join in through the Fiverr Pro membership program.

At Fiverr Pro, you join a professional team in any field you want. Everyone here is hand-vetted and exceptional, from professional blog writing to video editing. This option takes selling to the next level. Buyers get the best access to high-caliber talent, and sellers get new business channels.

In addition, as a Fiverr Pro member, the chances of you succeeding in the freelancing business increase. Now, the categories you can work in include digital marketing, writing and translation, programming, and tech. You can also explore niches like videos and animation, graphics and design, music, and audio.

However, more categories will be available soon. To join, you have to send an application, which undergoes a review before you get feedback.

To qualify, the platform checks your:

  • Professional background information
  • Higher education
  • Portfolio of previous works

Since you undergo a serious evaluation, you must include truthful and accurate information. Also, never shy away from promoting yourself.

Fiverr Pro is free. You do not even need a credit card to register. However, you will have to pay a commission on all your gigs.

How does Fiverr work?

Do you have a talent or special skills that you can sell to a business for money? If so, Fiverr is the platform for you. You can work from anywhere. Anywhere you have an internet connection is okay.

Now, Fiverr works in a simple manner. First, join Fiverr

Before you can sell your services, you need to search and find the service you intend to sell. The search gives you ideas of what people looking for your specific service want. You also get to check out your competition.

After determining that crucial information, you can create a seller’s profile. You will start at level one, which will rise depending on how well you deliver your jobs, and the ratings you get from your buyers.

Now, you know what you need to sell and have a profile to market yourself. Next, create a detailed gig. The gig will describe in accurate detail what your service offers, the packages you include in your gig, and the cost of the gig.

Here, you create a package for each task. So, if you are to publish a book, you need to edit and create a cover for the book. Therefore, you will create two packages, with the latter being more expensive because it takes a lot of work.

You can create many packages, but you need to price them reasonably or lose the client. The more packages you include in your gig, the more you earn.

Your membership level determines how many gigs you can create on the website at a go. Your rank depends on:

  • The period you have been working at Fiverr
  • Successful orders you have delivered
  • The amount of money you have made on the platform
  • Your performance metrics as rated by the buyers

At the basic level, you can have a maximum of 7 gigs. However, as you rise the ranks, you can create more gigs simultaneously.

FiverrRemember, Fiverr Pro is an on-demand global marketplace. Therefore, you should respond to your buyer’s messages ASAP. This is the only way you can get time to complete the projects before the stipulated deadlines. In addition, you stand better chances of receiving 5-star ratings on the platform.

You can work in any of the following broad categories:

·       Graphics and design

·       Digital marketing

·       Writing and translation

·       Video and animation

·       Music and audio

·       Programming and tech

·       Business

·       Lifestyle

·       Data

How do you productize your services?

There are set prices and terms you can use. For instance, if you have specific freelancing services you would like to offer, you can describe them by including:

  • The title of the gig
  • A short description
  • The number of allowable revision requests
  • A set delivery date

If you have no skills to sell, you can become a Fiverr affiliate. As an affiliate, you earn a small commission when buyers use your link to buy services from sellers on the platform. It is an excellent option if you have a blog.

The commissions can range from 10%-30% depending on the gig that customers buy and the premium plan for the year.

How much can you earn with Fiverr?

The amount of money you earn on Fiverr depends on your level. However, your membership level controls a lot more than the gigs you can actively create on the platform. It also determines the gig ‘extras’ and ‘multiples’ you can offer.

Extras are the upsells you add to the gig’s base price. For instance, you can ask the client to pay more for shorter delivery periods than indicated on the gig.

Multiples are the number of identical gigs that customers can sell simultaneously. For instance, if you stated that you could write a 500 words blog for $5, then it teams that you will earn $20 for a 2,000-word blog.

Depending on your level, you can have access to the following gigs, extras, and multiples:

Level 110410
Level 220515

The qualifications to join each level are different. For instance, you need 60 days working on Fiverr, with 10 orders and at least $400 in earnings to enter level 1.

On the other hand, you need at least $2,000 in earnings, 120 days on the platform, and 50 orders to climb to level 2. To become a top-rated seller, you need $20,000 in earnings, 100 complete orders, and over 180 days on the platform.

Pros and Cons of working with Fiverr

Every platform has its benefits and difficulties, and Fiverr is no different.


  • Guaranteed payments- Since the buyers must pay beforehand, freelancers have a 100% guarantee of receiving their money
  • Since freelancers only pick gigs that fit their needs and schedules, there is freedom when working with Fiverr
  • Sellers can earn tips from buyers
  • It is an excellent place for beginners
  • A variety of projects and customers from the same platform


  • A 20% commission on your earnings and tips is relatively high
  • High competition from experienced members

Tips to increase your income with Fiverr

Fiverr is a fast-paced working environment with tight deadlines and competition. To become successful, you need to stand out from the rest of the lot. Here are some tips as you start your journey as a seller at Fiverr:

  1. Create bare-bone, $5 gigs

Creating short $5 versions of your gigs keeps you in the search results and attracts buyers to read your proposal. Once you get the buyers in your profile, you can earn more by offering extras.

On Fiverr, reputation will sell you more than your profile. So, creating $5 packages for your gigs gets you the feedback you need to create a good profile.

These bare-bone gigs do 3 things for you;

  • They attract more buyers to your gigs
  • They break down the project into easily manageable tasks and makes communicating with your clients, work completion, and goal setting simpler
  • It helps you receive segmented feedback, which enables you to grow on the platform
  1. Do your research

Before you can create a gig for a skill no one wants to buy, take your time to research the best-selling gigs in your niche. With information on the best gigs to create, you get the keywords and phrases to include in your gig.

Also, the research helps you understand how other freelancers are selling their services. If you want to start freelancing, learning how to describe your projects from a seller with over 1,000 ratings would be invaluable.

You also get to learn how to price your gigs. You do not want to charge so little or too much.

  • Get all the information straight

As we have mentioned, reputation is everything for freelancers. So, as you are working on a gig, make sure you get all the instructions correctly.

Get all the information you need upfront. Remember, your clock starts ticking as soon as you accept the offer.

You might notice that your gig requires you to include a list of assets you may need from the customer. Alternatively, you may want to ask the client questions to be sure of the purpose of your skill.

Before you accept the offer, have all the data you need to create a gig with an accurate representation of your buyer.

  1. Use a good image

Pictures are worth 1000 words. Gig images are also the first things clients see when they visit your offer. So, you must include a great photo to capture their attention.

  1. Remember to answer your customers on time

Answering your messages on time gives you a high response rate. This is one of the key metrics used to rank sellers, translating to the search results.

In fact, Fiverr requires that you answer at least 90% of the inquiries you get in 24 hours to maintain a reasonable response rate.

The gig economy is revolutionizing the way people earn money. Now, you can earn by selling your best skills and hobbies on platforms like Fiverr. It is effortless for beginners to join.

Fiverr is an opportunity you can grab and make some money. You get to work from home, and depending on your ratings and ranks. You will learn how to create perfect gigs, attract more buyers, and sell more with time.

Do not give up when you cannot land your first customer. Just visit the Fiverr and learn a few tips on how to increase your chances of success on the platform. Alternatively, you can check at other good business opportunities and get started.

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