How to Create the Best Solo Ads and Find the Best Vendor

By | March 29, 2020

Young beautiful woman presenting colorful glowing social media iA solo ad is a type of email advertising used by Internet marketers to deliver their message to a large number of prospects. It’s called a “solo ad” because the email that will be sent out to prospects contains only a single ad and is not combined with any other similar campaigns.

How Do Solo Ads Work?

Established internet marketers have large email lists that they have built over the years, with subscribers numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. If you’re a new internet marketer or you’re still in the process of building such a list of your own, you can benefit from the list of veteran internet marketers by paying them to take your solo ad and sending it out to their list of subscribers. When prospects click your ad in the email, they will be sent to a capture page or squeeze page where details such as their name and/or their email address are collected.

Aside from being able to reach a large number of people without the effort and time it takes to build an email subscriber list, your advert is very likely to be seen, read or responded to since the recipients know and trust the source of the email, who is your solo ad vendor. A solo ad campaign is also a significantly cheaper way to advertise your business and draw traffic to your website. There are vendors that charge less than $50 to send your solo ad to 20,000 or more prospects.

How to Find the Best Solo Ads Vendors

When searching for the best solo ad vendor, you need to contact potential vendors to find out whether their niche is related to yours. Otherwise, your ad will be sent to people who are not even interested in your message and everything will just be a waste. So, the best solo ad vendor is not someone with the largest list but someone who has a list of subscribers who will be responsive to your offer. Also, check that your ad will be sent out to countries where you have a target market.

Where to find solo ad vendors:

  • Solo ad vendor directories: These are websites that list solo ad sellers accompanied with reviews, cost and results of the ads. 
  • Forums of internet marketers/advertisers: You can join such forums and directly post that you’re looking for solo ad sellers or you can approach potential advertisers to see whether they offer solo ad placements. 
  • Google search: Using your niche-related keywords, look for websites with an email subscription opt-in form. Contact the website owners and ask them about running your solo ads. 

Tips on Writing Effective Solo Ads 

1. Be clear about your Unique Selling Proposition. Why is your product or service special or better than others? How is it different? This must be clear to the reader of the ad right away.

2. Use compelling sales copy. While you don’t want high-pressure sales talk in your ad, you do need to write it so that readers will be compelled to know more about your product or service. So, pique their interest but avoid too much hype.

3. Focus on one item. The great thing about a solo ad is you get the reader’s attention focused only on your ad and nothing else. So, don’t ruin this advantage if you have multiple products or services by advertising all of your offerings at once. If you do this, you will be dividing your audience’s attention and it is very likely that not one of your products will get enough of their interest to try or buy. Use separate solo ads for each of your item with different sales copy and link to your squeeze page. 

4. Get straight to the point. You want your ad to have impact but there’s no need for flowery language. Your audience can better concentrate if your message is straightforward. Always include a call to action to tell readers exactly what you want them to do, whether you want them to sign up for subscription or buy now.

5. Give away free stuff. Set up a “Buy Now” promo where customers can get some free items included with your offer. 

6. Mind the formatting. Keep the ad’s format and font use simple. You can highlight text to draw attention to it but make sure to highlight only important text. Use color sparingly to maintain a professional and clean look.

Keep in mind that solo ads are just one strategy you can use in your Internet marketing. You can learn how to effectively use it and other Internet marketing techniques through my top recommended program, which costs nothing to start so you can easily find out what works for your business and how to improve it.

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