DotComSecrets X in a Nutshell

By | March 29, 2020

fast easy money quick extra cash make a fortune online income roThere are literally hundreds of work-from-home systems and schemes populating the Internet today. If you have thought about starting up a home-based business, it’s likely you have researched a lot of them. And if you have, then you are no stranger to reviewing products that some people swear by while others call them a shameless scam. DotComSecrets X is one of those controversial moneymaking systems that you might be wondering about.

A Follow-up Product

DotComSecrets X is reportedly a follow-up to Russell Brunson’s original program called DotComSecrets. The new (and apparently improved) program is self-labeled as a work from home system designed for the “average Joe” to earn a realistic extra income. This program is targeted toward people who are:

  • Seeking an extra source of income
  • Interested in making money online
  • Have absolutely no experience making money online

The Basics of the Program

The program initially started as an Internet Marketing seminar. If you wanted to take advantage of what the program offered, the seminar would have set you back by about $5k just to attend. But a lot of people thought it was worth the expense because they considered the information presented to be like gold.Brunson’s seminar students experienced enough success that he decided to take his million-dollar knowledge and market it to a much larger audience with four specific goals:

  1. Helping people earn their first $100 online.
  2. Helping people quit their jobs.
  3. Helping people earn a six figure income via the Internet.
  4. Helping people become millionaires.

Russell Brunson is a self-made Internet marketing millionaire. He made his very first million by using the same secrets contained in his program. DotComSecrets X is a compilation of Brunson’s experience, knowledge, and training. It’s all combined in one easy to understand and follow course.

The top feature of the program is a 90-day action plan, which is released to members every 7 days. Within the 90 days, you will learn how to market via email and promote Brunson’s products. You’ll also tackle some specifics, like creating a website and purchasing an auto responder.

After the 90-day action plan phase, you’ll start the second phase. You will choose programs to promote from Russell’s list, all of which are his products. Then, you will promote your chosen programs through the website you created.

You’ll need to learn how to bring traffic to your website, entice them to subscribe to your email list, and then buy. The program itself will attempt to teach you how to accomplish all of this, but the tactics are somewhat dated.

The program offers weekly training sessions, as well as a number of training videos that pertain to improving your online marketing skills and knowledge. The overall knowledge is solid, but it’s not anything unique or groundbreaking. In fact, you can probably find similar information elsewhere without having to pay a membership fee for access.DotComSecrets X also offers a cross promotion for a coaching program at an additional cost.

The Good and the Bad

DotComSecrets X has some noteworthy pros:

  • It’s geared toward people who have never made money online before, which makes it perfect for the “average Joe.”
  • The program offers quality training.
  • Brunson claims that you can start making a profit within the first 30 days of membership.
  • You won’t need thousands of dollars to get started.
  • You can trial the program for 30 days for just $1, and you can cancel risk free if you aren’t making money or don’t feel like the program is for you.
  • The course material is diverse and covers everything from driving traffic to your website to building a moneymaking email machine.

Before you decide whether or not to pay for membership, it’s important to know the downside. According to previous and current members of the program, the cons are as follows:

  • The program leverages solo ads, a form of marketing that may not be very useful.
  • Up-sells are considered unethical marketing ploys, which makes their presence in the program a detraction—especially since the up-sells link with the original DotComSecrets program.
  • The educational material only covers one form of online marketing: email.
  • The program is entirely designed around YOU promoting Brunson’s products, which means you need to have a grasp of Internet marketing.
  • The “secrets” contained in the program are similar to the type of information you can find elsewhere for free.
  • Empower Network is recommended, which is a sizeable red flag.
  • The program promotes buying leads, which costs you more in the long run.
  • The video material is delivered in a time-released series, which is great for newbies, but it can cause a delay of useful information for an experienced marketer.

The Price

The program is membership based. You can trial it for as little as 1 dollar, but you won’t get much out of the trial since the program is meant to keep members for at least a few months. After the trial, membership costs $97 per month.

Once you purchase DotComSecrets X, you can choose between three up-sells. The first costs $197, the second is $297, and third is $297.

My DotComSecrets X Conclusion

No evidence supports the claims that DotComSecrets X is a scam. In fact, it appears to be a legitimate and able means of earning extra income online.But if you’re convinced that making money in the online forum is as simple as buying a program or running automated software and watching revenue fly into your bank account with hardly any footwork or effort, then you are in for one very rude awakening.

DotComSecrets X isn’t a magical program. You will have to put work into it to see results, but those results can be pretty amazing. This program is great for the newbie. If you’re just getting started in the world of online moneymaking, this program offers a lot of insider tools and training. Now, if you’re not new to these programs, then you probably won’t find the training materials worthwhile.

The leading reason for any (and all) online moneymaking programs to be labeled a scam is participants thinking that they are buying a “plug and play” product that will miraculously cause money to fall into their respective bank accounts. In the world of business, there is no such thing.

DotComSecrets X is a legitimate means of making money online. But it’s not a standalone product. The up-sells aren’t really worth the extra cost; they’re more hype than anything else. Although you can potentially make money using this program, it’s marketing methods are fading due to too much use by other sources. The program is based around you working for Brunson in order to make money. It’s not a scam, but it’s not the best of the best in online moneymaking programs.

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