How to Earn Money with YouTube

By | March 29, 2020

Brussels - March 13: Youtube is launching A Collaborative a colYou might roll your eyes at some of the ridiculous stuff uploaded to YouTube, but many of those homemade videos are raking in millions of dollars a year for their creators. So, how can your video make you enough money so you can actually leave your job? Read on to find out how to earn money with YouTube.

1. Join YouTube’s partner program- This is the most common way to monetize your YouTube videos. There are more than 30,000 people now who have become YouTube partners and many are earning 6-digit numbers. Also, online video advertising has exploded over the past years. More and more people are watching videos online and, as a result, there have been over 20 billion video ad impressions in mid-year of 2013.

Simply put, there’s money to be made being a YouTube partner. You will share earnings made from InVideo overlay ads, display ads and in-stream ads. You will also have the chance to be part of the openings of branded content. You may also be featured on the homepage of YouTube, which means you will get more views and opportunities to make money. Becoming a YouTube partner is not so easy, however. They have a set of criteria you have to meet, which are not entirely made public such as already having subscribers. If you’re eligible, then you have to follow the steps to join the program.

2. Create tutorials-  Are you an expert in doing something? Then, you can create a video tutorial to gain a following and eventually make money. Today, people are going on YouTube not just to be entertained but to learn how things are done from making the perfect hair buns to whipping up recipes. How-to videos are the perfect venue for establishing yourself as an authority on a niche topic and creating a strong and influential Internet presence that millions of people will want to watch.

3. Sell your products- YouTube offers businesses the ability to sell their products directly from their channels. This creates the perfect opportunity to reach potential customers right in the moment they are highly interested in your product and are likely to be encouraged to buy. Customers can be watching a product demo video and be quickly connected with the product right away simply by clicking a Learn More button or a Buy Now button. In addition to a Featured Products section, the channel also allows an image gallery and a Product Reviews section. There are still some kinks in this new system but it’s a potential game-changer in eCommerce.

4. Produce Your Hit Single or a Series- Many performers today catapulted to fame and fortune from a single YouTube video that showcased their talents. If you have what it takes, don’t hide your brilliant talents. You can get the best exposure you can ever dream of and later cash in if your video goes viral. Sing or dance your heart out, make a video of it and upload to YouTube. All it takes is just one person to like and share your video, and if you’re really good, you would see the views coming. It’s amazing if you can hit stardom with just one video. For sure, creating a video series of your performances will increase your chances of getting discovered.

5. YouTube Rentals- This is a fairly recent way to earn money with YouTube. Basically, the rental program allows content creators to offer viewers their content for rent. The creator and YouTube will then share the profits. This pay-to-view scheme provides a great money-making opportunity to YouTube partners, as they can now charge video rental fees. 

6. Review affiliate programs-One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on YouTube is to promote an affiliate program. This is a type of marketing program that pays a commission for generating sales for a parent company. Create a video where you review the program and add a link to it in the description field. Simply talk about what the program is all about and then explain clearly how people can use it to earn money. As you very well know, lots of people are looking for information on how to earn money with YouTube and generally from the Internet. This large group of people makes up your target audience, so you can make money from the ad impressions alone in addition to the actual sales commissions from your affiliate link.

Final Tips

If you’re just starting out as a content creator on YouTube, then you need to put out fresh content frequently in order to gain a following. This will keep curious viewers going back to see the newest thing you’ve uploaded and can start generating a buzz for you on YouTube. You must also add a title to your videos that will make it easy for viewers to search and find it. You can learn more proven tips and tricks on how to earn money with YouTube from my top recommended Internet marketing program. Making a living with YouTube requires time and patience but it is very much possible.

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