How to Get Paid to be a Social Media Manager

By | March 29, 2020

social-mediaWould you like to get paid to do simple social media jobs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites? With relevant tools and quick training, anyone can be a social media manager. Thousands of business need help to manage their social media accounts, in simple tasks such as posting updates on their status, uploading videos and responding to comments.

There is a high probability that you spend a good deal of your valuable time on social media every day. The existence of social media platforms in our everyday lives creates an excellent opportunity for those who would want to start a service-based home business. It is a service growing tremendously in terms of compensation and demand, and few people are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Tools of Trade

Social media managers are expected to be highly organized. You would need every organization tool from spreadsheets to personal planners as one wrong move could be disastrous. Various organizational tools are available online, but here is a review of what you would need;

  • Scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to help schedule your posts to have them go up at a certain time
  • A content marketing calendars such as Cochedule
  •  Photo Editing tools such as Photoshop, Canva, Gimp among others
  • Of course, you would need a Mac book or cheaper laptops and internet connection

When it comes to pricing, be guided there is no fixed fee. You get to decide the price, and it’s up to the client to believe your efforts and the results are worth it. Don’t be too rigid on negotiation, always be ready to reach an amicable deal. Don’t try to bid with the lowest as you do not want to undersell yourself. Reputation is everything and don’t develop one as someone who offers cheap services.

Finding Clients to Manage

manage-mediaThis is the most exciting part. You are ready to go now, and you have to think where to get clients. You can start on Facebook, as it has groups where members are searching for virtual assistants and social media managers.

Craigslist is another fantastic platform for finding clients. Always be careful not to be spammed as this is an obvious challenge that faces any online job. Consider other forms of local and online advertising to spread the word about your expertise. You may also think about setting up a simple site with a list of your services and credentials on the site.

If you love social media, and you are a master of drawing people in, you could make a lot of money managing social media accounts on a part-time or full-time basis. There are lots of people and companies seeking someone to handle their social media presence. Social media is becoming more important than never before, and brands are looking for qualified individuals who know how to engage people in the various tasks.

Getting paid online becomes easier with every new day – only that it may not be all great at the beginning. However, as you progress on building networks and delivering quality work, so do your online earnings. There are some sites where people look for services like updating Facebook pages and making sure their customers ad loyal followers are happy with the support.


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