How to Make Money on eBay

By | March 29, 2020

Make MoneyWhen it comes to starting an online business, the general population of the planet automatically turns to the two biggest money making giants on the Internet: eBay and Amazon. Both of the eCommerce conglomerates make it super easy to start selling products for cash. The trick is learning how to make money on eBay or Amazon without wasting time or product.

Why eCommerce is Popular

Why do the majority of us immediately gravitate toward eBay when we decide to enter the world of online money making? In all honestly, the answer comes down to three reasons:

  1. eBay is user friendly. It’s easy to setup an account and open a storefront, and you can sell anything from your own belongings to product.
  2. eBay is proven. It’s not very often that you hear of a bad eBay experience. In fact, so many people talk about how simple it was to open a storefront and start selling that we automatically associate eBay with quick, easy money.
  3. You need money yesterday. You couldn’t talk your way out of that speeding ticket and you’re facing a 500 plus dollar fine. You’re already behind on a few bills, and the electric company is threatening a disconnect. You need money, and you need it yesterday. The instant, proven solution is eBay.

How to Make That Money

Knowing eBay is a quick, easy way to make money doesn’t mean you’ll instantly be successful. This is the fact too many beginners overlook. They suffer a single fail, and they run away forever. Don’t be that guy (or gal).

Hundreds of thousands of people sell on eBay and Amazon. Some people—the ones who know what they’re doing—make money doing it. At the end of the day, eBay is like anything else; you can make money doing it or lose it. Want an upper hand in setting up a success-driven eBay store? Here are some winning tips:

Pro Tip: Know What to Sell

It goes without saying that knowing what to sell if half of the battle. Just because you can find almost anything on eBay doesn’t mean you should sell just anything. If you’re looking to make quick cash, start a successful storefront, or fund the creation of your own custom product line, your first step is knowing what you can’t go wrong selling on eBay:

  • Video, computer games, and accessories: It’s one of the biggest categories on eBay, and it’s what almost everyone goes therein search of. These types of items are easy to pack, ship, and sell. There’s also an endless supply of them right in your community. Yard sales, garage sales, moving sales, and thrift shops are often prime places to pick up second hand videos, games, and accessories. You can often buy them for pennies on the dollar and resell on eBay for an effortless $7 to $10. Chances are you can even find a market for older products.
  • Cords of all lengths and sizes: It sounds quirky, but it’s true. Electronic cords are one of the hottest selling items on eBay—especially odd, unique, and vintage ones. People love to buy extra cords, and they are often in search of a specific type, length, size, or even color. Again, you can find cords all over the place. Unused cords can go for as much as $40 to $50 each.
  • Cell phones: It’s an enormous market. From secondhand and refurbished to brand new, eBay is one of the hottest places for cell phone shoppers. Phones sell like hot cakes if you have and display specific information, such as carrier, contract (if applicable), ESN or MEID numbers, photos of the phone and accessories, etc.

Expert Tip: Learn to Market

The biggest reason people don’t make money on eBay is failure to market. You might think that so many people search the site each day for products that they’re bound to fall into your storefront sooner or later. Chances are it’ll be later, if ever. In this crowded cybermall, a little marketing will go a long ways.

Learn how to market yourself on and beyond eBay. Educate yourself about the tools of Internet Marketing. Identify where your potential buyers hang out, and let them know about your store. If they know you’re the source for something specific, chances are they’ll “drop in” when they’re in need.

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