How to Make Money Online Shortening URLs

By | March 29, 2020

urlsLinks are everywhere on the net, on every channel and every platform. Sharing links has become a habit for internet users. We always share links with our friends on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus among other platforms. URL shortening entails a process of shortening a long URL into a short one. For example – can be shortened as URLs cannot be shortened manually because it will not work. So URLs are shortened through tools calls URL Shorteners. There are online free tools where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you can get paid.

URL Shortening for Money

Sharing long and cumbersome website URLs can be difficult. Now, you can earn a substantial amount of money simply by shortening URLs. URL shortening is one of the simplest ways to earn online. As a user, you can create shortened URLs and place them in websites, chats, comments, emails and more. URL shortening sites pay you if someone clicks the links you have shortened. An intermission ad will be displayed for 5 seconds, and you get paid for making that visitor see the advertisement. After expiry of the 5 seconds, the visitor can skip the ad and reach the destination site.

Shortening a URL is very simple. You need to have a site that offers URL Shortening services. After joining a site, just follow the instructions given by the parent site.

  • Typically, you are required to enter the URL that you want to shorten, in a given box.
  • The shortened URL will be displayed. Just copy the new link and paste in the target.


make-money-onlineMany companies exist that offer payment for URL shortening services. The majority of these sites have a couple of payment options for publishers such as PayPal, Payoneer, and the Western Union. The minimum payout can be $1 or $10, some with daily payout while others offer monthly payouts. Advertisers mostly determine the payment rates based on demand, with rates ranging from $0.50 – $15, depending on the country where the clicks come from.

On the web, there are hundreds URL shortening companies, and this raises the doubts and suspicion of trustworthy and reputation. Based on research and reviews, here are some of the most favorite URL Shorteners today. You only need to visit these sites, study how they work, sign up and follow their laid procedures.

URLs are mainly shortened to count the number of clicks made per URL automatically. The counting helps webmasters find how many visitors whether unique or repeated, clicked a particular link, and thus calculate the number of visitors who visited a linked page. URL Shorteners servers save the shortened URLs, and whenever someone clicks on the link, a count will be added automatically.

Information is used by webmasters to help improve their websites, calculate sales percentage, among other statistics.  Note that advertising URL Shorteners does not just pay you simply if someone clicks your shortened URL. You get paid for the intermission ads displayed in between. With URL Shorteners it becomes easy to make money from home when managing and protecting your links.

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