Internet Income University Review

By | March 29, 2020

Flying MoneyThe Internet Income University (IIU) has created a lot of buzz over the years from its members, ex-members and critics. If you’re thinking of being a member of this organization, it’s great that you’re here to find out the truth about this program. So, please read through this Internet Income University review to learn what IIU is all about and if it’s worth pursuing. 


First of all, the name “Internet Income University” is misleading. Some may get the idea that IIU is a distance learning university but it is not an actual university that is part of the country’s educational system. It just calls itself a university because it offers training and education on how to earn an income online. In reality, Internet Income University is an affiliate marketing organization that offers internet marketing training and allows you to make money through affiliate links, hence, their tagline “Where Education Meets Opportunity. Hopefully, this Internet Income University review will give you enough answers about the level of education and opportunity (or the lack of it) provided by this program.

Who Should Join?

Evidently, this program is targeting individuals who want to start an online affiliate business but know nothing about it. It lures those who wish to earn money online the easy way, without putting in much effort. They even call their training the F.A.S.T income plan. This training program is definitely not the best out there for beginners unless you’re happy with learning just the basics.

Program Overview

As stated above, this program is a combination of an affiliate marketing opportunity and internet marketing training. While the affiliate marketing model in itself is an excellent starting point for beginners, Internet Income University requires substantial investment if you want to go beyond basic training. There are some people who have made money using this program but they are the ones who didn’t mind paying the costly up sells to get more coaching. Without shelling out relatively more for training, it will be very hard for newbies to do more with their websites aside from adding and editing content.

Internet Income University webpage

Internet Income University website

If you visit their website, one of the things you’ll notice is the lack of sales talk, which seems to be a good thing until you sign up to become a member. While they advertise on their website that you can create a free account, signing up is not entirely free. You will need to sign up and complete a product trial from their affiliated products or services to get free membership. Unfortunately, you will most likely find it very difficult to find an actual free trial offer. Either this or you pay a fee to sign up. Afterwards, you’ll get sales pitch after sales pitch encouraging you to promote their products and services, which you need to buy first in order to promote. 

Training and Tools

The F.A.S.T income plan developed by IIU is divided into four major sections as follows:

1. FFast website setup

In this first part, they will help you set up your website. You will be referred to a web hosting company through IIU’s affiliate link, which means they will earn a commission from your completed transaction as how all affiliate links work. You will be able to get a free website if you agree to pay a monthly fee for their domain and web-hosting plan. Unfortunately, you do not have control over the type of website you will have.

2. A- Affiliate Income Streams

IIU has five products that members can promote on their websites to start earning commissions. These are:

  • The program Internet Income University itself
  • Website hosting services
  • Keyword Evolution tool
  • Personal coaching plan
  • Weight Loss MLM program known as Visalus

Except for their program, you will need to pay a fee for the other four products/services above to get them and be able to promote them on your site. It is not mandatory for members to promote all of the services but those who choose not to will be constantly reminded that the extra purchases will result in more earnings.

3. SScalable Advertising

This is the section about advertising and Search Engine Optimization or SEO, which is necessary so that your website will have high rankings in search engine results page. However, instead of delving into the subject and demonstrating how SEO works, you will be offered SEO services that will take care of your website’s SEO efforts. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing SEO to experts but it is vital for Internet entrepreneurs to understand SEO and know how to do it themselves before they delegate the task to someone else.

4. TTraining and Support

Members are encouraged to become an active part of IIU’s online community where they can interact with fellow Internet entrepreneurs and marketers to get support. Other than this, advanced training is selective. Exclusive training and coaching is provided to what they call the “Inner Circle” and one must get an invitation to be part of this group.


They have a help-desk for customer support to answer questions from members and handle issues such as refunds, which appears to get prompt response.


The good points about this program is that they do have decent training videos; although, they are pretty basic. Also, the people behind the program honor their 30-day 100 per cent money back guarantee so you do have that amount of time to try it out for yourself.

On the downside, this program is quite heavy on ads and up-selling. For instance, members do get a free website but it is littered with adverts that you have no control over while the training materials are full of up-sells. Also, you have no choice but to use their webhosting service which is not free. Professional coaching will also cost you monthly. They will introduce you to concept of SEO but they are the ones who will handle this for your website and, again, it doesn’t come free. Lastly, if you do more research, you would find more negative reviews than positive ones for this program.


To sign up, you can either pay $30 for lifetime membership or complete a product trial. When you start, you will need to pay $20 a month for your website domain and webhosting service. As for the program’s potential streams of affiliate income, a member has to pay certain fees to get the product and be able to promote them: One-time fee of $14.95 for the website hosting service; $97 for the keyword tool; $177 for the self-development plan and $49 monthly for Visalus. For your website’s SEO, you have three options with fees ranging from $97 to $497 a month.

Internet Income University Review Conclusion Internet Income University Review

The information provided by this program is useful but will not get you very far in running and sustaining a successful online business. Not to mention, the program is riddled with sales talk and quite costly if you want to explore the potential of all its offerings. In short, you would do yourself a favor by skipping this one. If you’re interested to really learn how to set up an online business, market it and grow it to become successful, check out my top recommended program. It’s absolutely free to start the training courses and you even get one-on-one coaching even with just a starter account. You will also immediately get two free websites and an affiliate blog as well as access to a keyword tool – no tricks, sales talk and hidden conditions.

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    This information can save a lot of people much time and heartache! Well done Steve.
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    1. Steve Post author

      Something I didn’t include in this review, when you go to join this program they ask for your email and phone number. This is a bad sign. I gave them both. They immediately started emailing and calling me to get me to join. I don’t like high pressure sales. A good program does not need high pressure sales.

  2. Melissa

    This is a great review. Covers all the information people need to make an informed decision on whether or not to join.

    1. Steve Post author

      Great that you are able to avoid this one. It’s unfortunate that there are so many of these to be avoided.

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    Nice review, I hate those programs that have all these upsells that they trick you into buying “very unethical”. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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