Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Photos Show Us How to Make Big Events Count  

By | March 29, 2020

SBR01_B1_05.27.2014_DCNo one leverages their personal life into publicity quite like a Kardashian, and this week in Kardashianland is no different, with Kim and Kanye’s strategically releasing the photos of their lavish weekend wedding to the public today.  Like her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian has extraordinary skill at one thing in particular: keeping everyone talking about her.

It’s easy to make jokes about how a Kardashian withers away and dies if for one second no one is looking at her, but the entire Kardashian Klan actually has some entrepreneurial skills that any entrepreneur or small business owner can learn from.  One of the biggest is the ability to leverage a single event into weeks – even months – of publicity.  Take the wedding, for example: since Kanye’s proposal in October last year, the couple have made sure that the run-up to the wedding has never been far from public attention.  Kim and Kanye have landed themselves interviews, editorials and a much-talked-about spread in Vogue, while keeping up a constant stream of Twitter updates throughout.  Now that the wedding has happened, they’re cannily spreading out the details of the wedding: today’s pictures were only a small sample, with the rest promised for later and a full run-down of the preparation and ceremony expected to take up much of the next season of the Kardashians’ reality show.

If it seems like shameless attention-seeking, that’s because it is; but it’s also a pretty good model for how to turn one event into weeks of attention – and, when you’re trying to drive traffic to your business, attention is exactly what you need.  Having a significant event like a product launch or special offer for your business is good; increasing the amount of impact that event has is better.  Rather than saturating your blog and social media with repeated announcements of the event – which quickly leads to your fans blocking out what you’re saying – take a lesson from Kim and Kanye and find ways to tease the event with little pieces of information.  Make your fans play guessing games with little hints and clues: get them actively invested in what’s going on.  And, just like the wedding episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, make sure you have a follow-through planned as well, so that you can keep your fans engaged with your content even after the big event is over.

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