How to Make Money Online Using Amazon

By | March 29, 2020

With its trustworthy name and wide selection of products, Amazon deserves its spot as the biggest online retailer all over the world. Over the years, this trusted e-commerce site has not only allowed me to shop conveniently, it has also given me vast opportunities for making money. Intrigued yet? I have listed below five of the best ways for you to make money off Amazon, while shopping for your favorite stuff.

1.       As an affiliate

Affiliates can earn anywhere from 5% to 14% in revenues from Amazon’s program. All that’s needed is a working website or blog and an affiliate account. I suggest choosing niche products that’s related to your website or blog, so as to maximize traffic. And, with more than 40,000 products available on Amazon, finding the best products to sell on your website shouldn’t be difficult!

2.       Sell online

 With Amazon Marketplace, we can now sell our products and take advantage of hundreds of millions of buyers who shop through Amazon. The available product categories are myriad, from beauty and books to music, kitchen goods, and even wine! Plus, Amazon gives us the option to sell as an individual or as a professional, depending on the number of items sold per month.

 3.       Sell eBooks

 With the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing website, earning from eBook sales is easy. I only need to write a really good eBook with excellent and useful content, sell it through Amazon, and get royalty earnings of as much as 70 percent. Plus, the free set-up is already a huge bonus!

 4.       Publish blogs

 The Amazon Kindle Store also makes it possible for bloggers to publish their blogs and make money for every feed subscription. Once Amazon approves the blog, revenues are at 30% of the subscription fee of $.99 to $1.99. This may not seem much, but Amazon has hundreds of millions of users. Publishing blogs on Amazon and making them available on Kindle means getting a bigger audience, plus the possibility of more subscriptions in the future.

The fact that Amazon offers a wealth of different products means the site offers loads of opportunities for earning money. Plus, set up is effortlessly easy. Planning to make some money on the side or earn some serious income? Try any or a few of these money-making means through Amazon and be surprised!


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