How to Make Money Online Using Fiverr

By | March 29, 2020

While online freelance marketplaces are nothing new, Fiverr stands out for its less complicated way of doing things. Here, anyone can actually buy and sell any service for a fixed rate of $5, although the prices could go as high as $100 or even $500. This is exactly what I love about the Fiverr platform; there are no time-consuming price negotiations and lengthy interviews prior to getting the work done. If you’re craving for this simplicity yourself and would like to make money online through Fiverr, I’m dishing out three helpful tips for you:

Know where your expertise is

 Although Fiverr makes possible the exchange of services for as low as $5, the secret to earning more is to get as many gigs as possible. This can only be done by building your reputation as a top seller and having people trust you with their transactions. Whether it’s graphic designing, editing, or doing short voice-overs, you need to know which things you are good at. It doesn’t matter if you work on a $5 project that’s completed in less than 10 minutes; you still need to do it well and leave a good impression.

 Start low

 The good thing about Fiverr is that anyone can start low. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to jump into a $100 project right away, especially if I’m still navigating my way through. I can work on a $10 gig to see whether the platform works for me, and slowly build my way from there. If you’re new to online freelancing, Fiverr is a great site to start on.

 Slowly build up to more gigs at a time

 Clearly, earning $5 a day is not enough to pay the bills. If you really want to establish yourself and make money through Fiverr, you need to work on more than a few gigs at a time. Thankfully, there are many buyers needing a wide range of services on the site. You can stick to the same types of micro jobs or choose a variety of gigs. After several gigs, even the lowest rate of $5 per gig can add up quite nicely.

Here, earning money online is fast, secure, and stress-free. With just a few minutes or hours to spare per day, you can earn enough through Fiverr — whether as a side income or something substantial enough to add to your savings.

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