Michael Jackson On Beer Bottles: Creativity In Your Business

By | March 29, 2020

michael jackson on beer bottlesImportance of Applying Creativity to Your Online Business written by: moleskineriegirl What makes a new product or service stick and make people pay attention? If you own a business you want your business to have a certain edge over others that offer the same product or service, and this is where creativity can play a huge role. Being creative with how you present your brand to the world can spell the difference between its failure or success. Here’s how you can use your creativity to accomplish the latter. 

Using Creative Video Presentations to Draw More Attention to Your Online Business
Video, even ones that are just a minute long, is an effective way to get people to notice your brand since you are appealing to the sense of sight and sound. Video gives you more creativity in terms of what you want to present because it offers a richer experience and allows your brand message to really sink in. Take the video of Michael Jackson on Beer Bottles by the Bottle Boys seen below. Fun and funky, the group effectively shows their skills with a handful of beer bottles using a catchy tune and colorful props, all elements that can help make your video go viral.

It is also important to note that skills like these actually take hundreds of hours of practice to master, making them even more interesting and more likely to draw people’s attention. When you use a seemingly shallow talent or an innocuous skill to create something that is mind-blowingly awesome and fun to watch over and over again, you get the perfect formula for eye-catching videos that can help draw more attention and more traffic to your site. When this happens you have a better chance of converting the attention to sales and profits, especially if the rest of your online platform uses creative fonts,graphics, photography and engaging content that come together to attract as well as serve the needs of your customers. 

5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson On Beer Bottles: Creativity In Your Business

  1. TBradford

    that was pretty cool…yes, being unique or even just having a different twist can grab attention.

  2. nelio26

    Being creative is going to make you stick out and get more attention! For me that’s is a good enough reason to apply this method.

  3. Justen Bethay

    That was awesome! They were definitely very creative and I will remember that because it sounded great and was very unique. Thanks for sharing!

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