My Lead System Pro Review: An Objective, Firsthand Report

By | March 29, 2020

My Lead System Pro ReviewWelcome to the My Lead System Pro review! Many startup Internet entrepreneurs have been referred to this program as a means of generating sales leads and benefiting from an affiliate program. The membership costs required for access to the program have made many question whether or not it offers true benefits and value. After trying it out myself, I’d like to share my firsthand findings.

Who It’s Built For

The My Lead System Pro (MLSP) mission is to motivate and encourage network marketers, entrepreneurs, and home-based business owners to realize their full potential and get results. Brian Fanale, CEO and Co-Founder of MLSP, is on a mission to “give kids their Moms & Dads back” and “give good, hard-working people an honest shot at achieving financial freedom and security through free enterprise.”

If you’re searching for a reputable affiliate program, lead generation system, or are in need of high quality business training, MLSP may be worth your time. The program is undoubtedly a plethora of educational and training material.

An Overview of My Lead System Pro

MLSP is a robust and extremely powerful educational platform offering the added benefit of an affiliate program made for home-based business owners. The educational training and material provided is designed to enlarge your network marketing knowledge and know how. The affiliate program is intended to aid in building your home-based business quickly; making you adeptly able to earn a fast return just like the pros. MLSP is built to accomplish two primary goals:

  1. Generating sales leads
  2. Recruiting members to your MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

The program claims to offer a marketing education equivalent to the Harvard School of Business for entrepreneurs. It’s designed to assist you in generating more leads, signing-up more reps, and making more money in your home-based business ventures. As of the date of this review, MLSP claims its’ members have generated over 2,317,428 leads since 2008.

Attraction marketing is the focal point of the program. In the marketing world, attraction marketing is known as the “act of becoming irresistibly attractive in the eyes of…prospective [customers] so that they seek you out” versus you chasing prospects down. Many of the top online money earners use attraction marketing in some fashion.

The MLSP is designed to teach you how to create, incorporate, and display value. Your target audience is most interested in the benefits and value setting you apart from your competition. By using attraction marketing, you can attract them through a vivid display and pave the way to building a trusting, loyal business relationship.

My Lead System Pro is a staunch supporter of the idea that it’s impractical to create a single business revenue stream. Therefore, the program offers training, tools, and support designed to help you create four top earner profit centers:

  1. Product Revenue
  2. Continuity Revenue
  3. High-Ticket Revenue
  4. MLM / Biz Opp. Revenue

Program Provided Training, Tools & Support

The program really is all about high quality training, tools, and support. The MLSP feature set includes the following categories:My Lead System Pro Review training

  • Build your business opportunity
  • Live weekly lead generation training
  • Education and training library
  • 100% pure profit products
  • Customizable websites and fan pages
  • Instant value and relationship builder
  • Exposure agent – ultimate leverage
  • The community
  • E-mail auto responder integration

The educational material provided to members is definitely packed full of quality and value. It sets MLSP apart from similar programs, but some small business owners are skeptical of programs that charge hefty membership fees and force automated re-billing. If the required upfront costs make you raise an eyebrow, consider the pros and cons of the program:

The Apparent Pros & Cons

The perfect product or service doesn’t exist. It’s physically impossible to create a platform that is “one size fits all.” After testing out a gold membership, I recognized two notable pros and three cons:

  • Pro #1: My Lead System Pro review unearthed tremendous, high quality training material. Most of the training is in video format. You can easily spend weeks watching videos on a variety of topics, and the time spent will not be a waste! You’ll learn a great deal.
  • Pro #2: They offer a ready made system that includes multiple sales funnels for your use. The sales funnels are well made and can be modified by upgraded members.
    MLSP training

    MLSP training page


  • Con #1: The training material is not well organized for beginners. When I first joined, I spent many hours watching videos versus taking business action. The website lacked a good starting point for new members. Although I am no longer a member, I have been informed they’ve improved organization. Update February 2015, Pro #3: MLSP has organized it’s training so that it leads you step by step.  It’s significantly improved and makes it much easier to digest.  This is great for new people learning about internet marketing. 
  • Con #2: The ready made system I mentioned in Pro #2 is a pro, but it comes with a downside. All of the members access the ready made system so it’s not unique to you and it’s heavily used.  However, you’ll have to purchase an upgraded membership to customize your sales funnels to make it stand out from the 100’s of others using the same sales funnel.
    mlsp store

    The MLSP store has many items that are promoted through out the program.


  • Con #3: MLSP offers multiple membership tiers and training products for sale. I purchased a couple of these additional training products. I found that although the content was high quality, the cost was also rather high. It felt like the program was always trying to sell me something, and I felt pressured to upgrade my membership or purchase the latest and greatest training product.

Membership Pricing

MLSP offers a couple of different trial memberships.  They have a “30 day risk free trial” available for new customers. You can sign-up from their website. Even though they offer a satisfaction and 30 day money back guarantee, you are required to select one of the membership plans and enter your billing information prior to receiving your free trial. Tread lightly as the trial membership does enroll you in an automatic re-billing.

MLSP offers two membership levels. You can choose from:

  1. University for $49.97/month
  2. Mastery for $149.97/month
MLSP review

The membership levels and prices at MLSP

Both membership levels include the following basic features:

  • Marketing training and education
  • MLSP marketing campaigns
  • Custom webinar invite links
  • System mastery webinars
  • A beginner marketing guide PDF
  • New member orientation webinars
  • An MLSP article directory
  • Facebook Group and Fan Page access
  • Global support desk and Skype chat

The University membership only offers these features. The Mastery offers additional features, such as a custom site creator, video and media hosting, custom member options, Lead-Gen bonuses worth $1,500 and more. It also provides 100% commissions and is highly recommended by MLSP. They refer to it as “a cutting-edge solution engineered to force you to step up into a leadership role AND provide value.”

My Lead System Pro Review Conclusion

I was a gold member for 4 months. During that time, I was able to identify the pros and cons we discussed. The question I hear the most from entrepreneurs and small business owners is, is My Lead System Pro worth the investment?

If you’re interested in network marketing and can safely front the monthly membership cost, My Lead System Pro could be for you. The training provided is unarguably high quality, but the membership cost is also high—especially if you’re starting up your business or lacking a profit margin to offset the cost.

If network marketing doesn’t interest you, or you question whether it’s right for your business endeavors, MLSP probably isn’t for you. You can find lower cost programs that offer similar high quality training.  As an alternative check out my review of this high quality training and a free membership that does not automatically bill you later.  Here is a comparison of the other high quality training vs. My Lead System Pro.

Final Thought

Both Wealthy Affiliate and My Lead System Pro are quality training programs.  If you have experience with My Lead System Pro please leave a comment about your experience with MLSP.  If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro Review: An Objective, Firsthand Report

  1. Vitaliy

    MLSP is one of the few MLM’s I actually don’t mind (completely). Although I still recommend against it because I find all MLM’s to a certain extent are pyramid schemes. In MLSP’s case, it’s just borderline there. The pros are that it does provide some quality training for what I consider a pretty fair price, but there’s that referral aspect of it I find questionable.

    1. Steve Post author

      MLSP is not a MLM. It has an affiliate program so you can earn from your referrals. But you will not earn from your referral’s referrals like you do in a MLM. MLSP focus is training people for MLM programs.

  2. Neil

    Great review on MLSP Steve and such a detailed article to help me decide whether it’s for me or not. I am a network marketer myself and have heard some great things about MLSP in the past.

    However, having been a proud member of the Wealthy Affiliate community for a while, I think it’s one of the best online training platforms out there for beginners and infact for EVERYONE 😉


    1. Steve Post author

      I agree. Wealthy Affiliate provides training that everyone can use. I love the fact that the community does not allow spamming and there are no additional upsells. WA is the preferred program for me.

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