My Top Tier Business Review: Is MTTB Really Free?

By | March 29, 2020

My Top Tier Review Affiliate programs have gotten a bad rap over the past few years, and often it is because the companies encouraging people to market for them aren’t giving the best impression. My Top Tier Business is one of those programs that has come around that promises to change affiliate marketing and help website owners make real revenue. There is a lot of confusion about this program, which is why it is necessary for this My Top Tier Business Review to be published—to clear the air and eliminate the confusion once and for all.

 What is My Top Tier Business?

My Top Tier Business was developed by Matt Lloyd — a business guru that helps site owners earn commissions through his revolutionary 21-step program. When you first find the site, you are prompted to give your email, but you are also given a guarantee that the program won’t ask for any money, and you don’t have to pay until you make money.

Within the program users are promised a variety of helpful tools once the application they submit is approved. In order to qualify for the earnings, the site tells you you must also go through the 21-step program.

 Who Should Use It?

My Top Tier Business is aimed at website owners and entrepreneurs who want to join a high-commission affiliate program. Those who want to increase their traffic, find better leads, and make money from home are encouraged to enter into the program. Bloggers, work from home moms, stay at home moms, etc. are all approved.

MTTB scam website

My Top Tier Business

 What Training Does It Offer?

The training involved in the 21-step program claims it will put a consumer on the path to success. Each training session is broken up into 10 minute to one-hour segments. It includes:

  1.  How to make a six figure salary
  2. How to discover what your business is missing
  3. How to start thinking like a millionaire
  4. Why 85 percent of franchises succeed and why others fail
  5. What is more lucrative than a franchise
  6. How to create a licensed and profitable online business
  7. How to find expert support
  8. How to get paid
  9. How to earn commissions with no extra work involved
  10. How to get more commissions
  11. How to get a new high-end vehicle
  12. How the My Top Tier Business sales team will continue to make money for your business
  13. How the MOBE team will continue to grow your business
  14. How you can make five times your earnings without working any more than you already are
  15. How to set achievable goals
  16. How to create a faster mind
  17. How to finance your business
  18. How to get more traffic to your site
  19. How to get more opportunities
  20. How to make a manifest for your life
  21. Learning how to make up to $5,000 in commissions

The training states that anyone can learn these techniques — whether they are familiar with the computer, internet and affiliate marketing or entirely new to it. Once a consumer signs up and goes through the 21-step training program, they will then be able to access additional tools.

 What Type of Tools Will You Find?

These tools are only available to those who go through the 21-step program. In the program there aren’t many tools offered to customers; in fact, the training is about the only valuable tool. Once approved and through the program, however, customers can gain access to things like:

  •  A done-for-you online sales system
  • Private one-on-one coaching
  • A professional over the phone sales team
  • Product fulfillment services
  • Traffic leads
  • Daily training and webinars
  • Live training and mentoring services

 Advantages and Disadvantages

The promise of a free program is very advantageous to people looking to get started with affiliate marketing. There are a slew of features, tools and training programs that help program participants succeed, which is always an advantage to consider. The disadvantage, however, is a person must complete the 21-step program to access the more profitable tools and features. And, regardless of advertising, these tools are not free to access or use.

 The Price

My Top Tier Business is unreliable when it comes to pricing. This is because at first glance the founder states that no one will pay until they make money. In fact, before a customer submits their email they are given this promise. Then, users are prompted that they need to pay a “real person” deposit of $49 (discounted from $97). This amount is refunded if the application is not approved, but it contradicts all of the promises that the program is free. Most customers are fine with the $49 to get started, however, the approach and how the price is publicized is not favored.

The $49 isn’t the only amount a customer will pay though. After an account is created, users are then prompted that they must pay a license fee of $1997 in order to continue with the program. This “U.S. license” must be paid in order to make money from the program.

MTTB scam WF2

Warrior forum review from a MTTB member.

My Top Tier Business Review Conclusion

The program puts up multiple red flags when examined closely. The promises of riches are repeated over and over, but the tools and features are lacking. Most importantly, the program advertises itself as free, but then requires a $49 deposit. After that users are forced to pay $1997 if they want to continue and actually earn money, contradicting what was originally stated to attract a user in the first place.

This type of false advertising and shady up-selling is not good business practice. The reviews online, forums discussing the product, etc. are all relatively negative. Because the program makes a promise and then breaks that promise not even 15 minutes into signing up, it shows bad business practices. The success stories for this program are rather scarce online, most likely because of their up-selling practices. Therefore, I would not recommend My Top Tier Business Review to anyone looking to make money online.

If you would like to find a program that uses good business practices, integrity, a truly free program that you never have to pay for and a high quality product then you should check out my review here.

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