What You Need to Know About the Solavei Scam

By | March 29, 2020

Close up of a businessman hand holding and using a smart phone oSolavei offers a unique opportunity for customers to enjoy a mobile phone service for free and earn extra income every month simply by referring others to the program. All of this sounds simple and legitimate enough but, as always, any new opportunity should be considered carefully. So, read on if you’ve heard talks about the Solavei scam or just curious to know about this company. 

Who is it for? 

Basically, anyone who is not on any mobile phone contract yet will find the Solavei offering attractive. This deal is appealing to customers who just finished a mobile service contract and is looking for comparable but cheaper service. It will be quite difficult to make people who are still on a contract with a mobile service provider to switch to Solavei because it would mean paying cancellation fees or disconnect charges. Also, Solavei is a good company for those who need additional money to supplement their current jobs. 

Product Overview 

Solavei is a mobile service company known as an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator. Simply put, an MVNO does not have a cellular network of its own but uses the network of another provider. In Solavei’s case, its service is operating off of T-Mobile’s 4G network. Solavei offers a unique customer reward program that can reduce bills partially or completely, and even give customers extra cash. In this program, you will save $5 per month on your phone bill for every person that you refer and becomes a Solavei member. When you keep referring customers, then the $5 discounts will add up enough to cover your entire bill. Afterwards, you can keep the cash savings yourself. Customers can also receive cash-back deals from national retailers.

Training and Tools 

Solavei offers plenty of helpful training resources on its website under the Support section. Training documents fall under two categories – Mobile Service and Sharing. Under Mobile Service, members can learn about Solavei’s service plans and network coverage, specific service details, legal issues and billing. Under the Sharing category, members can learn all about the Solavei business opportunity, including how to get started on the program, how to share it to others, how to earn from it and build a business. The training documents are PDFs that can readily be downloaded from their site. 

Also, experienced and successful Solavei members also offer their own training videos or classes/ sessions to new members in their local area. Perhaps this is where new members should be careful about being scammed into paying for training that will not really help them or that they can get from Solavei’s own website. 


In addition to tutorials, Solavei’s Support section on its website also has a comprehensive knowledge base that features FAQs about various topics like its compensation plan, different programs and how to set up your phone to use their service. Aside from these FAQs, customers also have ready access to videos and support documents to answer every question about Solavei. Those who need quick help can turn to Solavei’s expert community that consists of product specialists, industry professionals and other Solavei members who are interested in helping fellow users. The Solavei website also has a Live Chat feature that allows customers to get the help they need quickly. 


One good thing about Solavei is it’s easy to understand and start, which is important for customers and people new to online business opportunities. The Solavei doesn’t require credit checks and doesn’t tie up customers into service contracts. It is possible to participate in Solavei’s business opportunity even if you reside outside of Solavei’s service area. When it comes to their service, Solavei does not charge overage fees. They charge a flat fee that can be reduced to nothing through their customer referral program. It’s also good that customers are not forced to purchase a phone from the company, although this is an option.

On the downside, Solavei’s claim of providing “unlimited” data is not entirely true. For instance, you can enjoy 4G data only up to a 4GB cap and, once you reach that cap, you will not be charged additional fees but you will downgraded to 2G data. In terms of the quality of their mobile service, T-Mobile customers may sometimes be prioritized over Solavei customers and this may result in reception problems. 


Solavei offers different rate plans for its mobile service, starting at $39 per month (plus tax), which includes unlimited calls (including roaming), text and picture messages as well as 500 MB of data. If you want faster data, you can get 2GB of data for $49/month and 4GB of data for $69/month.  Those who do not need data can simply get unlimited voice and text for $29 per month.

Solavei Scam Review Conclusion 

Solavei has a solid offering backed by reputable recommendations from companies like Newseek, Engadget, The Wall Street Journal and USA today. So, the fact about the Solavei scam is that there is no such thing. The company is selling a real service and has a real compensation plan in place. However, Solavei is not the right program for individuals who are looking to earn a serious life-changing income stream from home. If that’s what you’re interested in, check out my top recommended program and start building a highly profitable online business that can free youself from your 9-to-5 job.

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