Safe-Swaps Review: List Building

Safe-swaps Review: The Best For List Building?

Safe-Swaps Review: List Building

Safe-Swaps Review: List Building

Safe-swaps is a unique, web-based platform designed to manage ad swaps, purchase solo mailings, and even sell solo ads. It’s advertised as the “world’s best ad swap and solo mailings website.” Many have labeled it as an easy, efficient means of list building.  This is my Safe-swaps review where I’ll tell what this site is all about.

Who Is It For?

The main reason people join Safe-swaps is to build their own email list quickly. The majority of people who find the platform useful join for one of the following reasons:

  • The need to build an email list in a safe, scam free environment.
  • Access to a community of Internet marketers open to discussing and offering advice.
  • The need to purchase quality solo ads from reputable sources.
  • An interest in using regular ad swaps to grow an email list while simultaneously generating profit.
  • The opportunity to earn money via solo ad sales.

Product Overview – What Does It Do?

The Safe-swaps platform offers a few features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, it has a “15 level protection” system to ensure you are not being scammed, and it’s advertised to be “100 [percent] safe.” The platform helps you build a reputation through your own profile through ratings from other. You’ll have access to two list-building activities: ad swapping and buying/selling solo ads.

Training, Tools & Support

At Safe-swaps, you’ll find a decent amount of support via their forums should you have questions or just want general information. The primary tools that have notable advantages include:

  1. Email Ad Swaps: this feature helps you increase traffic via ad swaps with reliable partners. An ad swap is a free exchange of emails between two list owners. Advantages include:
  • Access to an entire community interested in swapping.
  • Search functions for finding people who meet your needs.
  • A provided click-tracking tool.
  • A feedback system to help you determine which members are reliable for trades.
  1. Buying and Selling Solo Mailings: this feature allows you to purchase and sell emails (solo ads) from reputable sellers and buyers. You stand to gain instant traffic, opt-ins, and sales. Advantages include:
  • A pre-built community of reputable members interested in selling and buying.
  • Buyers have access to search functions for finding sellers who meet their needs.
  • Safe-swaps handles the exchange of money, creating a safe, fraud-free environment for both seller and buyer.
  • A feedback system with ratings to help you choose the most reliable and reputable sellers and buyers.
Safe-swaps Review: The Website

Safe-swaps Review: The Website

Advantages & Disadvantages

The major disadvantage to the site is the free membership. It will get you started, but it is extremely limited. To make the most of the site and really see what it can do for you, you need to purchase the monthly membership.

The major advantage to the site is that the monthly membership isn’t very expensive. If list building is a focus of your online business, Safe-swaps can be an essential tool and is worth the investment.

The rating system used by Safe-swaps can be a big advantage, but it can also be a notable disadvantage. Some buyers are never satisfied while others have unrealistic expectations. If you are unlucky enough to generate negative feedback while new, doing business on the site will become quite difficult.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can create an account with Safe-swaps for free, but it’s limited. Full access comes with a monthly membership, which runs about $30 per month.

My Safe-swaps Review Conclusion

The most common question I hear is, is Safe-swaps a waste of money? Honestly, it depends on whether or not you can use the site properly.

If you’re building an email opt-in list, I definitely recommend Safe-swaps as an essential tool for your toolbox. I built my list using the ad swap and solo ad buying features, and I make money by selling solo ads on the platform. I find them to be very useful. Initially, I was performing ad swaps on a daily basis. Currently, I purchase a couple ads per week and sell 3 to 5 per week.

When you first start using the site, I strongly recommend limiting your interactions to people with 100 percent positive ratings and reliability that’s in the green. Dealing with these folks should prevent you from encountering negative feedback from the dreaded “impossible customer,” giving you a chance to build a good reputation as a new member.

If you would like to build a real business online, check out my review of this free high quality training.

Please leave your questions or comments about my Safe-swaps review below or you can get in touch with me at Wealthy Affiliate profile.

10 thoughts on “Safe-swaps Review: The Best For List Building?

  1. Craig

    Thanks for this review Steve very clear and concise, I always wondered why a lot of marketers were using safe-swaps. Like yourself I heard the good and the bad things about this site, thanks for clearing things up.

    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks Craig, Safe-swaps is a very good tool for list building. I’m glad I as able to clear things up for you.

  2. JohnV

    Interesting well-written review. What I need to know is where and how to learn about swaps and solo ads from the ground up. Where might they fit in to building our business as per WA ?
    Regards and good luck

    1. Steve Post author

      I will be writing post about ad swaps and solo ads here. I’ll eventually get to them. As to how it fits into the WA business, I’m still working on that one. I can tell you that I’m making sales but I’m still in the trail and error phase. I’m trying to refine things so that I’m spending less and making more. Once I figure this out, I’ll create some training on the WA site.

  3. Rod

    Steve thanks for creating this review. There are a lot of list building companies out there, which makes finding one that will work for you hard. Thanks for doing the digging.

    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks, Safe-swaps does not build a list for you. They provide a safe environment for you to build your own list. You have to do all the building yourself.

  4. Fred Chong

    Hi Steve, Thanks for your clear and concise review on Safe-swaps, I have a better understanding of it after reading your review.

  5. SImon

    Hi Steve, I tried SafeSwaps once a few years back when I was first starting out. I used it a few times to help build my list promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I found that I got lots of people creating a free account but not engaging in the community, not adding a bio or profile pic. I don’t think anyone turned Premium.

    I’d be interested to know your experience with promoting Wealthy Affiliate using Safe-Swaps. DO you get a good return?

    1. Steve Post author

      I did promote Wealthy Affiliate using Safe-swaps. I spent several thousand with this method. Like you, I had many free accounts setup but I did get a few premium accounts. The return was not there for me to sustain that kind of spending. It’s been nearly 2 years since I did that. Several of those premiums purchased annual memberships and are still with Wealthy Affiliate. So over the long term I’ve earned my money back. Even with the long term memberships, I don’t think the rate of return is high enough to make it a sustainable method. People that have success with solo ads sell something with a high back end product. So when the sell even a few of them they can make a product. WA doesn’t have enough of a return to be worthwhile for solo ads.

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