An In-Depth SaleHoo Review: Could It Be A Scam?

By | March 29, 2020


SaleHoo Review:

As an Internet Marketer and business owner, I understand the risks that accompany online business start-ups. Escaping the 9 to 5 grind and stepping into entrepreneurship is no doubt intimidating, but your experience doesn’t have to be riddled with mistakes. With the hundreds of multi-level marketing and affiliate programs out there, how can you avoid the scams and shams in favor of true opportunities? Unbiased reviews of these programs are your first and best defense, which is why I’m presenting this in-depth SaleHoo review.

SaleHoo Users Want an Edge

It’s no secret that buMaking Money Onlinesiness requires an edge. More precisely, your marketing plan requires a distinct advantage. SaleHoo appears to be all about providing just this, claiming you can get an edge over 95 percent of your competition just by using their array of powerful tools.

As an online wholesale directory and trader community, SaleHoo revolves around retail. It’s viable for eBay sellers and entrepreneurs in search of reputable suppliers of brand-name goods. The directory houses details and reviews for over 8,000 suppliers. Anyone looking for low-cost wholesales and dropshippers will be interested in this directory.

The Power behind the Salehoo Program

The power behind SaleHoo lies in their comprehensive training and tools. As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • The seller training center: Accessible for free, this training area houses eBay and eCommerce training from the SaleHoo team of experts. A few of the notable trainings include:

o   A Beginner’s Guide to eBay

o   What Sells Best on eBay

o   Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping

o   How to Avoid Scams

  • The market research lab: This lab is dedicated to one aspect of online business success, finding a niche. The lab helps you discover the highest profit products through a performance and potential analysis.
  • The SaleHoo community: Free to join, the community boasts over 100,000 retails actively using the directory to stay safe from bad suppliers, poor drop shippers, and bad business. You’ll have access to active forums, including threads dedicated to scam, rip-off, and fraud reporting.
  • SaleHoo Stores: This is a highly valuable feature for the individual pressed for time or the beginner. You can leverage this tool to build your own eCommerce store in mere minutes.

The team backing this New Zealand based company is comprised of 29 staff members in four different countries (New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the US) and a strong supporting network of eBay PowerSellers. When it comes to separating affiliate scams from legitimate moneymaking opportunities, a program’s support indicates a great deal.

For example, in SaleHoo’s case “hand-holding business support” is offered. It’s great that they advertise strong support, but can they deliver? According to a number of their members, the answer is yes. Not only is their company support professional and prompt, but it’s supplemented by what many refer to as a “professional and warm” community filled with “people [who] really want to help each other.”

Is SaleHoo Right For You?

Every affiliate program has a set of highs and lows. What’s the scoop on SaleHoo? Here are what appear to be the high points:

  • The company offers a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, which means they believe in their product, give new users ample time to try it, and aren’t afraid of handing money back to unsatisfied users. Subsequently,SaleHoo has been around since 2005. It stands to reason they have more satisfied versus unsatisfied users.
  • Little or no start-up costs. You can take a “test drive” on their trial directory free.
  • Unlimited income potential.
  • You don’t need experience, and you’ll benefit from expert advice from experienced sellers (including PowerSellers).
  • Approximately 8,000 suppliers with 1.6 million products, perfect for niche businesses and marketing.
  • SaleHoo takes the headache out of locating trusted suppliers. You pay for access to the directory because the staff spends countless hours, effort, and money networking with new suppliers and ensuring they are trustworthy before adding them to the list. Not only does this eliminate stress on your end, but it saves you time and narrows your focus to the things that really matter—like marketing and networking.

If you’ve read this far, the cautious business professional inside is probably posing one important question: is there a catch? SaleHoo doesn’t sound too good to be true, but it does bring marked value to the table. Here are what appear to be the lows of the platform:

  • Access to the “real” directory costs a yearly fee of about $70 ($67 as of the date of this review).
  • The renewal of your subscription is automated, but the company will send several reminder emails prior to expiration and renewal.
  • There is no month-to-month plan, only annual.
  • Inside users would like to see more advanced search capabilities for sorting companies.
salehoo review

Salehoo website

Satisfied users caution against diving into SaleHoo with improper expectations. Yes, you can create an eCommerce store in record time. In addition, yes, you will have access to an invaluable community with PowerSellers. However, navigating the directory and using it to its fullest potential will not happen with two to four clicks.

Members report that newbies with unrealistic expectations click on a company or two and if they don’t see incredible prices, instantly feel ripped off and run to review boards to say they’ve been scammed. Before using the directory, it is imperative to submerge yourself in the offered training material. It doesn’t hurt to conduct a little general research about wholesaler and drop shipper directories, how they work, and what to expect.

Satisfied users stand by the old adage, “Knowledge is power.” They’ll be the first to admit that a little training goes a long ways toward making this directory work in your favor. Like anything else, the more you use it, the more adept you will become at squeezing every last ounce of value from it. The community inside of SaleHoo is a solid resource new users should absolutely exploit.

SaleHoo Is Legitimate

Economics play a strong role in the business world, and the retail market felt stress due to an economic downturn. Despite this stress, online retail sales are growing three times faster than traditional retail sales. Not only is the eBay market a smart one to invest in, but it’s also a proven avenue for at-home companies to turn a legitimate profit.

As is the case with most MLMs, some users sing SaleHoo’s praises while others shout, “Scam!” Here’s what we know:

  1. Over 100,000 individuals and businesses around the world have joined.
  2. There’s an entire website ( dedicated to “honest” reviews about this directory, and you can see a good number of positive comments from individuals who find the service fairly good to very useful.
  3. It’s undeniable that some people have had a bad experience with this company, but bad experiences don’t justify labeling SalesHoo a scam.

Will SaleHoo work for you? Are you familiar with the saying, “You get what you give?” It definitely applies to this platform. If you take full advantage of the provided tools and training while striving to learn more about Internet marketing and economics, you could very well be another satisfied user earning a steady online income with the assistance of this program.

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