The Rodan and Fields Scam: What’s the Truth?

By | March 29, 2020

Being Robbed By A Scam Are you missing out a great opportunity by declining to join? Do you already belong to the company but it doesn’t seem to work for you? Have you been scammed? Is this the Rodan and Fields scam or is it legit?  These are the biggest questions in mind of anyone new to this business model and they are all valid questions, so let’s dig deeper to find the answers.

Who are Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields are Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, who are both board-certified dermatologists with respective private practices in Oakland and San Francisco, California. They are prominent, award-wining dermatologists who are known for creating the revolutionary anti-acne treatment Proactiv Solution. Dr. Rodan is a Stanford professor while Dr. Fields is a professor at UCSF.

The Rodan and Fields Business System

In 2002, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields founded their own skincare brand which was initially sold in high-end department stores. In 2009, they withdrew their product line from stores and changed their business model to a direct selling, multi-level marketing (MLM) program where independent consultants are selling their products. Why would a prestigious brand stop selling in major department stores? Apparently, they figured they could sell more products through direct selling than through any leading department store. And they were right. The company is now recognized as one of the top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the world.

To get started in their business system, you simply have to enroll as an Independent Consultant under a sponsor. Then, you need to purchase a Business Kit to get your business started. The business can be done from home whether full time or part time. You can earn direct and/or residual profits from retail sales, commissions from people you sponsored to join your sales team and performance bonuses. This business system works just like any other direct selling company such as Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Usana.

So Is It a Scam?

Based on all the facts established above, there is no Rodan and Fields scam. The founders of Rodan and Fields are certified and even highly reputable dermatologists. The company itself is a legitimate business. They have high-quality clinically-proven products that leading department stores originally carried, which erases any notion of bogus products normally associated with MLM scams. There is nothing suspicious about their business model, which is the typical direct selling strategy that is no different than what many established companies use.

Where Are All the “Rodan and Fields Scam” Claims Coming From?

So, if the business, the people behind it and the products are all legitimate, what’s the real deal behind the Rodan and Fields scam stories? Are these claims merely from competitors? It appears such claims come from people who’ve tried the business but failed to make money from it. It’s easy for someone to dismiss the business as a scam when their expectations about earnings are not met. Some people complain they evenRodan And Fields Scam struggled to recoup their initial investment when they purchased the startup business kit even after months of trying out the business.

Another reason many people perceive it to be a scam is the way Independent Consultants are marketing the business. Many are overly aggressive and are constantly sending hyped-up invitations to people in their social media networks and pitching their business to family and friends every chance they get. The bottom line reason: poor marketing.

Those who could not make the system work simply didn’t know how to market their products. They find it difficult to sell the products because they are probably selling to the wrong people but they don’t know how to find the right customers. Many who are actively doing the business now are doing it the wrong way, focusing more on recruiting downline members from people they know and not so much on actually selling the products, which fuels the perception that the business is a scam when it’s truly a real business.

How Can You Succeed at Rodan and Fields?

You will succeed at this the same way anyone can with any business – you must learn the right way to market your business. Like other MLM opportunities, there are two parts to Rodan and Fields to become successful: selling the products and recruiting members. Therefore, you should learn how to do both effectively.

Through internet marketing training, you will gain knowledge not only about marketing but also how to build an online business. You will learn how to harness the power of the Internet to reach more people outside of your circle, to attract the right customers to your products as well as people who are seeking online business opportunities. You will also be exposed to the right marketing tools that are most relevant to customers today and how to use them to help you achieve your goals. All of these are possible with the right marketing training. Invest in knowledge first and you’ll have a solid base to launch your business from.

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