Three Secrets To Success Online

By | December 4, 2021

Educate your mind, inspire your soulWhat I’m about to tell you is going to surprise some of you.  Many of us when we start online, we’re looking for that secret technique, tool or insider trick that will make us lots of money.  We want the online world to be different than the offline world.  We have the dream that it’ll be easy.  Of course, there are many scammers that’ll sell us that dream so we can waste our money.  Unfortunately, there are many that will waste money on legit programs and even call those programs scams because they will not work them the same as if they were building a business offline.

Let’s get into the three secrets:

Secret #1: Learn A Skill

The first thing you need to do to be successful online is to learn a skill.  There are no “Easy Button” or “Done For You” was to succeed.  You have to learn a skill.  There are many skills online that can make money.  Selling on Ebay is a skill. Blogging is a skill. Creating Facebook ads is a skill. Building an email list is a skill.  There are countless skills online.

How do you learn these skills?

You can learn by trail and error.  This can be slow and costly but it does work. Most of the early successful people online used this method.

Mentoring Concept.Find a mentor. This can be one of the best ways to learn.  If you can find a mentor that has actual success online, they can teach you everything you need to know quickly.  You can skip all the failures of the trail and error method.  For every success person online, there are thousands of others that want them to be their mentor.  Why are they going to mentor you, when they could be spending their time learning new skills and making more money.  Finding a mentor will be challenging.

Find a legit training program that teaches the skills you want.  There are many training programs online for all the different skills that you could want.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell which are good training or scammers.  This is because there are a lot of fake reviews for the scammers programs. Plus a lot of bad reviews for legit programs because people don’t understand the following secrets to online success.

Secret #2: Hard Work – Practice Makes Perfect

Hard work concept.I have never talked with someone that didn’t think they worked hard. Stop and compare yourself to some of the elite.  Do you work as hard as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods or Michael Phelps?  These are some of the best athletes in their sport.  Do you think any of them just practice for a couple hours on the weekend?  Did any of them practice for a week then scream scam because they were not yet the best in the world and earning millions?

Once you have learned your new skill, then you have to practice and practice a lot.  There is no profession in the world where you learn the skill and day one you are a top earner in that profession.  You need to look at making money online as a profession and treat it that way.  You’ll only get good at Facebook ads if you create and test a lot of Facebook ads.  You’ll only be good at blogging if you create a lot of blogs.

Those top athletes practice their sport on a daily basis everyday of the year.  Their entire schedule and life revolves around practicing and getting better at their sport.  If you want to make the top dollars online then you need to treat your new skill like the top athletes do with their skills in their sports.

Secret #3: Persistence

Here is a secret that many are not going to believe. Earning big money online (i.e. millions of dollars) is as competitive if not more so than earning big money in basketball, golfing or any other sport.  Why? Anyone that has internet access can get online and start an online business.  Anyone can learn the skills.  Anyone can practice those skills.

What’s going to set you apart from all of those people?  Persistence!

Persistence Pays Off How many people are going to practice their skill daily? not many.  How many will practice daily for a month? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?  Once you get into the multi-years, you be getting into the elite status for making money online.  There will be very few people that will stick with it that long.  Your skill level will be so superior to the bulk of the people doing the same thing.  This is when you’ll be earning the big dollars.

The hard part for most people (myself included) is avoiding the shiny object syndrome. We job from program to program learning all kinds of skills but never achieving an expertise in any of them.  You may start earning some money because you are a jack of all trades.  But you’ll not be making big money because you are an expert at nothing.


Learn a skill, practice the skill (preferable daily) and stick with it for years, this will build your expertise in this skill and your ability to earn big money.


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