Top 10 Dog Walking Apps and Platforms to Find Gigs

By | March 4, 2022

dog walkingTaking your dog on walks is a great way for both of you to get daily exercises. Your dog gets the much-needed break, and also mental stimulation and awareness for the neighborhood. You should walk your dog at least once per day. The breed and age of your dog will determine if your dog needs more exercise or not. However, if your dog is difficult to walk, it may make your daily strolls impossible. Regular walks are very important for your dog’s overall health.

Controlling Your Dog

When going for walks, you want to have full control over your dog. You should have a sturdy leash that is about 4-6 feet long to aid your dog in walking. You can choose any leash, whether leather or nylon, depending on the comfortability you get. A short one can be good for long walks so that you have quick control of your dog in uncomfortable situations.

A retractable leash is easy to hold and good for potty breaks or to let your dog roam on leash. You need to have control over constant tugging. Constant pulling can make walk stressful for you and your dog. Loose leash or relaxed walking is the most preferred method of walking. However, you must train your dog on all circumstances. If they start pulling, immediately stop them. Have them sit and start again, then reward them with a treat.


Dog Walking Gigs

It all sounds good and fun to walk a dog, but truth be said; we don’t always have time for this activity. That said, it is easier than ever for people to find ways to make quick buck or for people to find someone to do a task or run errands for them. For dog owners, it is easier than ever to find a dog walker to take their pup for a quick walk.

There are many apps and platforms that have pop up to aid in dog walking. So, what are you supposed to do when your dog needs to walk? Which options and apps are the best to go to for dog walking? To answer these questions, we have compiled the top options and apps for dog walking, that would be worth your time.

Ultimately, the app you choose will be depended on the testimonials, reviews, pricing and previous experience you might have had. However, without any bias, chances of getting most qualified dog walkers might be found on Rover and Wag. That is not to discredit other apps, still, they will have something that best fits your needs.


Here are the top 10 dog walking and care platforms and gigs that would best fit your needs.


  1. Rover

Rover is probably one of the most reknown dog walking apps. It has a large base of dedicated dog walker. If you live in a decently sized town, chances are you will find rover affiliated walker in your area.

The rover app is easy to download and use. It is extremely user-friendly and makes it quite easy to locate potential walkers to choose from. All reviews on rover are verified, and that means you can trust whomever you choose to walk your dog.

On rover, everything from booking the walker, paying them for their time, among other activities, can all be handled right on your phone. The app is available for both iOS and Android and works quite well for either platform.

Many people like rover because it gives them the opportunity to choose their own hours and set their prices. However, you need to understand that competition is quite stiff, and can drive down wages across board. Additionally, the app takes 15 percent off their revenue.

  1. Pet sitter

Pet sitter is one of the oldest pet care apps on the market today. It has offered very reliable services for many years to back up its records. Some walkers have been with the service for many years and that is assuring that you can trust the platform for all your dog walking needs.

However, a point to note is that pet sitters has not been keeping up with the modern competition. They do not have an app and this means you have to do everything from the website. Though this is a minor issue since their website is user friendly, an app would be needed for more convenience.

Pet sitters makes one of the founding members of online dog walking market, and people feel more comfortable using the site. Many walkers have put in years for the service. It is a user-friendly site that is good for walkers who may be screened by other apps.


  1. Wag

Wag is Rover’s primary competition in dog walking space. The platform lets you choose between 20-, 30- and 60-minutes dog walks. Each of these can be scheduled in advance or booked on demand. The platform screens every one of their walkers before allowing them to work for the site. Their services are also backed by a million-dollar policy which comes as a great insurance for those worried about their dogs.

Walkers using the platform are supposed to fill a Pup Report which gives all sorts of important information on the walks a dog does. Training services are also available in case you want your dog to learn about the manners of exploring a neighborhood. Walkers might not necessarily make a lot, but the platform makes it easy to find clients.

You can make more if you display a number of skills, or if your reputation on the app grows. Wag is extremely convenient for both walkers as well as pet owners.

  1. Pet Sitter Center

Pet sitter center works similar to other apps we have described. On this platform, you create a profile so that prospective clients can locate you for your services. With this platform, you can get competent people who can walk your dog as well as offer you additional services.

Other services included are; cat and dog boarding, dog grooming, dog training among others. If you live in Canada, pet sitters can be an excellent option for you. They also have services available on many cities in United States. The site attracts more than 25 million active users so there are many opportunities to make money.


  1. Pet Backer

dog walkingPet Backer is a relatively new entrant into the dog walking niche. It attempts to fill in a few voids and shortcomings of big pet walking platforms.  You simply post your job on the app and within a few hours, you will get estimates from different providers. In case you want to interview her, you only need to put a deposit down before scheduling a meeting. You can also interview a number of applicants.

Pet backers has one of the most comprehensive review systems for any dog walking service. Walkers are judged on more things than they would on other apps. As a walker, you are required to be fully competent, and there is a reward where you can raise your rates accordingly as your reviews improve. Walkers also provide updates with photos and charts to give owners a greater peace of mind that their dogs have been walked.


  1. Care App

Care app is another great service that allows you to walk your dog or order a dog walker on demand. It is available in multiple countries, and that makes it one of the easiest ways to find a walker while travelling.

On this app, you will find a mixture of independent walkers and dog walking companies on their service. You have a chance to contact them directly or post a job and pick one of the available respondents.

You are allowed to set your rates for the jobs you post. This also dictates how much walkers can make working for them. The service places a premium on prompt responses, so walkers who can’t respond within 24 hours normally find themselves penalized.

Additionally, walkers are subjected to background checks. These checks are for issues such as criminal history, driving histories, civil records among others.

  1. Dog Walker

Do walker platform is not like the rest of the services listed on this guide. It makes no promises on the walkers on its site as it is simply an advertising service that is purely dedicated to dog walkers. As a result, you may need to trust your abilities to select a walker who would be the best for you. However, you are also not restrained by the prices put on the website.

For walkers, the site allows quite some freedom at a low cost. You have a better chance to earn more based on your abilities and services you can offer to a dog. The platform is more of a hassle than other services we have discussed. However, the site provides the most freedom as compared to other platforms. Your experience will be related to your abilities. It gives walkers the chance to set their rates and no service or price restrictions.

  1. Barkly Pets


This platform was first launched on four sites but quickly expanded to all 50 states. That is a clear statement to show how easily and seamlessly it has been to use the service. However, it lacks the user base that most dominant apps have.

The biggest advantage of using this platform is the ability to create a checklist that walkers have to follow. If you want your dog to practice certain sitting stays, take medications or poop, you can tell your walker to ensure such happens.

Walkers are required to provide a detailed report after an outing. This means you will be kept up to date with what is happening with your pup. You will also be certain that things are happening per expectations. The platform is commission free and that means you can keep every penny you earn. Only owners have to pay a little more.

  1. Fetch

Fetch works similar to rover, with a slight difference in that it is more focused on clients rather than connecting walkers to gigs. With this platform, you get a chance to good dog walkers. You can earn more through other additional services that include; overnight visits, pet sitting and specialty services.

You can offer these services to dogs and cats alike. It is recommended that you take your dog through at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. To browse pet care opportunities, you need to enter the zip code on Fetch website and see options that are available in your area. Just like other opportunities, you can make your own schedules and start earning.


  1. Walkio

Walkio is another good platform for dog lovers. It is a dog walking platform that works similar to rover. To get started, you need to create a profile, add photos and list the services you offer. Additionally, you can add testimonials through the site to attract additional customers.

When an owner chooses to walk their dog, they may request an interview or have an in person meeting with the walker. Just like other services, customers can sign up for future appointments if they are happy with your service. According to Walkio website, you can expect to earn at least $1000 or more per month.


What to Look for in Dog Walking Apps and Platforms

You will find most people choosing dog walker based on price only. That can be partly fine, as long as it works for you. However, if you get a standard provider, your dog may end up getting neglected, injured or even the worst happening.

One of key things you need to factor in is trustworthy reviews. Reviews will most likely get you a reputable walker. That is not a foolproof though, but it can be the basis of getting started on the right footing.

Many sites screen their walkers by offering criminal background checks. Lack of criminal information is not a guarantee that someone will take full care of your pet, but offers some peace of mind that things will be done in the right way.

Ideally, ensure you interview the walker in person before you can hire them. This helps you make your own judgements and determine if they can be the right choice for you.

As dog walking is one of the many gigs available to make money, you should never hesitstate to find other good business opportunities out there and try your luck.

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