Top 12 Apps and Platforms for Virtual Assistant Gigs

By | March 25, 2022

virtual assistantEveryone, from small business owners, professional, traders and agents, can all benefit from having a virtual assistant. Your VA will take over the work you lack time to do yourself, anything that is beyond your abilities or any other task you would like them to do. Doing so gives you the chance to focus on other aspects and tasks that matter most to your life.

Virtual personal assistant services help business owners, executives and entrepreneurs outsource time consuming tasks, saving them time and money they can use to run other businesses. Virtual assistants can help in simple tasks such as scheduling appointments, handling simple correspondences, managing social media, customer support, among other task. There is no shortage in finding VAs, but they also don’t come easy.



What to Choose for When Choosing a Virtual Assistant Company?


As we have listed, hiring a virtual assistant comes with a lot of benefits. The biggest of these benefits entail saving you a lot of time and getting your things done pretty fast. The virtual assistance industry has seen tremendous growth over the last couple years. When choosing a virtual assistance platform, consider if it is diverse or specified in terms of services they provide.

Additionally, you need to evaluate if you are looking for long term or short-term fix. Consider virtual assistance companies that put an emphasis on building long terms relations with their clients. There personnel should also be vetted to ensure they provide the highest-level services

If you are wondering where to find virtual assistants that would be a perfect fit for your needs, here are the top places we have compiled for you.


  1. Time etc


Founded in 2007, Time etc. virtual assistance team is led by Penni Pike, who served as personal assistant to Virgin Group founder – Richard Branson, for 31 years. The company offers virtual assistants to more than 22,000 clients. It has been ranked no 1 on many occasions because of its dedicated members, money-back guarantee and ability to roll over unused hours.

The company offers only US based VAs, who have an average of 12 years of experience and have been vetted for top quality. The skills offered by these VAs include administrative and organization, writing, marketing, research, social media and sales administration.

The company offers users access to virtual assistances who gets to know their businesses inside out. Users request services online or via a mobile app, email or phone. Urgent task requests are available at no extra cost.

  1. Belay


Belay was founded in 2010 to provide virtual assistants for small and large businesses nationwide. It offers its clients dedicated, U.S based, college educated, career professionals. It services are ideal for executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, attorneys and consultants.

The company makes use of a rigorous search process to find seasoned and remote professionals in the US. The platform uses a simple three step process to onboard new clients. They meet a team member to discuss their needs. Next, they are assigned a client success consultant who works with them throughout the process. Finally, the consultant works with the clients to find the right talent for their needs.


  1. My Tasker

My Tasker is an Indian based company that offers 24/7 virtual assistance tasks in any country and time zone. The company offers skilled VAs in a supervised environment, a generous free trial and flexible pricing. It employs more than 100 VAs who work in one office with 24/7 monitoring, and additional accountability and security. Skills offered by the VAs include administrative assistance, accounting, writing and editing, web design and development, digital marketing and IT support.

The platform assigns incoming requests to the most qualified VA available. That allows the company to respond quickly to emergency requests. Clients have the option to get dedicated, full time virtual assistants. The platform can assign an account manager to any user who needs VA with multiple skills. It has both monthly and hourly plans and lots of discounts.

  1. WoodBows

WoodBows is a company that is dedicated at freeing as much time as possible for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. The company boasts more than 1,000 clients with an average retention rate of 98.5 percent. We decided to choose this company because of its service guarantees and number of expert services it offers.

The platform provides dedicated, English fluent virtual assistants that are based in Philippines and India. U-S based native English speakers are also available at a higher cost. The company receives a lot of applications all year round by selects only top 1 percent of the applications it receives. Its virtual assistants are available for tasks such as book keeping, accounting, real estate, digital and social media servies, software development, writing and other tech services.

  1. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a US- based virtual assistance firm that was founded in 2010. It is one of the best when it comes to short tasks because it allows users to request for tasks easily. The firm offers two types of requests. The first is a standard request for a maximum of 20 minutes of work, and is answered in less than 24 hours. In case a request takes longer than 20 minutes, the assistance will communicate with the client accordingly.

There is live request that connects users with virtual assistant via text or webchat for requests up to a maximum of 10 minutes of work. Live requests are charged per minute and that means a request that takes 12 minutes will be charged as two requests. Users can also request recurring tasks that can be set to repeat on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Like most virtual assistant platforms, this one offer monthly pricing by total amount of requests.


  1. My Out Desk

My Out Desk is a platform that has made its name when it comes to providing world class virtual assistant services. The platform has highly rated virtual assistants to give you what you need to focus on expanding your business with ease. The platform is committed to providing you more than 50 percent of savings by offering you a lot of discounts.


If you partner with this platform, you will save money assembling offshore staff who are highly trained, more efficient and less distracted. It guarantees that their business model is crafted from decades of experience in providing virtual assistance services and matching the best candidate for every job at hand. If you are planning to outsource and have no idea where to begin at, consider MyOutDesk specialists. You can rest easy knowing that virtual assistants will be matched to your needs and expectations will be met.

  1. Okay Relax

remote workIt is important to relax amid stress when you are trying to juggle dozens of tasks at your desk. With Okay Relax, this platform understands your dire need for assistance to up your productivity and efficiency. If you are a busy entrepreneur, mother, professional, etc and you need a virtual assistant, you can be sure to contact Okay Relax.

The platform has simple and affordable plans that can be perfect for anyone. They will perfectly handle most of your repetitive tasks such as research, management, administrative tasks, event bookings, reservations among others. Each task is done with a high level of precision and professionalism. When you sign up, you are matched with an assistant. Without a binding contract, you can easily cancel your subscription based on the quality of services you get.


  1. MyVA 360

This is another great virtual assistant agency with offices in Miami, London and Vaughan. The platform offers support to business and professionals all over the world. In addition to general VAs and administrative assistants, it has graphic design, social media specialists, book keepers among others. The agency attracts diverse range of clients from nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Since the platform is based all over the globe, they speak English in addition to many other languages. The agency will pair you with a VA according to your needs and tasks. Additionally, you can request a second VA on days when your workload is heavy at no additional cost. You can choose a package based on the number of hours you want to commit to each month. Unused hours can be rolled over to next month, or you create your customized plan


  1. LimTc

Rather than offering a standard array of services, this company is focused on customer service and technical support. It makes a name for itself as a top option for sales, back-office administration and help desk services. Clients can receive support for their projects from ideation stage to launch.

The platform is aimed specifically at small to mid-sized businesses. It is based in Kyiv and has served clients in more than 85 countries. The team is made up of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. The virtual assistants are available 24 hours a day and act as point of contact with vendors and customers.


  1. Remote Worker

Remote worker platform is without a doubt one of the best and cost-effective places to find virtual assistants. Prices are really low per hour for full time virtual assistants. You can as well pay more if you want a VA who is more experienced. However, if you are not able to afford much, you will still get VAs who can deliver the task.

Whereas most VA companies assign you virtual assistant, Remote Worker platform allows you to choose the virtual assistant you want. After you have selected a plan, you will be able to interview as many VAs as you can. Once you have made your choice, you will receive a short conference call with the VA’s project manager and trainer.


  1. Work Better Now

Work Better Now is a great platform with VAs based in Central America. It provides US based companies with virtual assistants who are in the US time zone. The company offers full time virtual assistants and this means the VAs you receive will work closely and solely for you. Virtual Assistants work 40 hours a week, nine hours a day to deliver according to your expectations.

There are no contracts with the platform. This means you simply pay about $1700 per month and you are good to go. You can cancel this deal at any time without any repercussions. You will always work with the same assistant unless your regular VA is not available for valid reasons. In that case, you receive a backup VA who is equal to the task. If you are unsure on how to delegate. your VA can help you as well.


  1. Prialto

Prialto is another excellent platform that is committed to improving on corporates productivity. It makes use of a highly structured approach to solve company needs. After you have received a call to discuss your needs, the team will draw up a plan that helps you improve on productivity. They will then sign an agreement and meet your virtual assistants as well as engagement manager. Your VA will be available between 9 to 5 in your time zone.

Unlike many virtual assistant companies, all the VAs operates out of Prialto offices. This allows Prialto to ensure your data remains safe by introducing desktop monitoring, security clearance and IP restrictions. The platform is best for companies and professionals who are concerned about data security.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider hiring a virtual assistant. With virtual assistants, there are considerably low overhead expenses. Having a number of employees can help get more things done every day, but comes with a cost. You may decide to get a VA who delivers only what you need, when you need it, at a fraction of a cost.

Additionally, with a VA, you are not only saving money, but also saving time. Virtual assistants come equipped with a lot of skills on different fields. They can take off some of your work to boost your productivity and help you avoid burnouts. You will also get a chance to explore talents across the globe. Apart from virtual assistant tasks, you can also try other business opportunities that might come your way.

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