Top 15 Internet Gig Worker Platforms

By | March 18, 2022

Internet gigAre you for an opportunity to earn money carrying out simple tasks? Well, the gig worker sites are the best place for you.

There is no limit to what you can do on these sites. You can be a virtual assistant, writer, data analyst, editor, or graphic designer. It all depends on your skills. All you need is to sign up and start working.

There are thousands of gig worker websites on the internet. Yet, not all are worth your time. In this article we’ve compiled our top 15 internet gig worker sites that can earn you money. They have been tested and proven reliable for clients and freelancers. In the end, we reveal our favorite site to work with.

Let’s dive in.

1.     Clickworker

Clickworker is an online gig site for freelancers looking to earn extra cash working online. Tasks can range from data entry to writing, and there are a variety of functions available at any given time.

Confidentiality is vital on Clickworker. Any information on a task remains confidential between the worker and the client.

Tips for getting started on Clickworker

  • Check the task board regularly
  • Ensure efficient communication with clients
  • Complete tasks quickly and accurately to maintain a high rating

2.     CrowdFlower

CrowdFlower is a site that focuses on data entry and analysis tasks. These tasks can be completed by anyone with internet access, regardless of their skill set or experience. All only skills you need proper organization and attention to detail.

The site has over two million workers from around the world. It offers a variety of tasks with deadlines ranging from minutes to hours. Among the popular companies that CrowdFlower has worked with include Unilever, eBay, Artimys, and Delectable.

Benefits of working with CrowdFlower

  • Fair pay: Workers receive reasonable payments for each task that they complete
  • A sense of belonging: The community on CrowdFlower is supportive
  • Confidentiality: All the data entered is confidential and only used for the task at hand
  • Flexible hours: You can work anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

3.     Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) focuses on short, simple online tasks. The platform has the backing of one of the largest companies in the world. This gives workers assurance of reliable payment processing without any problems.

MTurk tasks can be anything from simple research and data analysis to complex content moderation. There are a variety of tasks available at any given time, and workers can choose the ones they have an interest in.

Benefits of working with Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Payment processing: Amazon is a well-known and reliable company with reliable payment policies.
  • Workers’ lounge: This is a forum where workers can discuss different tasks and ask for help.
  • Flexible hours: You can work anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • No signup fees: Getting started on Amazon Mechanical Turk is free.

4.     Upwork

Upwork is a website for freelancers and employers. Today, it has over 12 million registered users with over $500 million worth of contracts signed. The site is home to creative and professional services.

When you signup, Upwork takes a 20% commission from each job you complete. The site is known for its reputation and continuous flow of jobs. So, whether you’re looking for a data entry job, professional designer, or email marketing, Upwork has something for you.

For freelancers, the payment is done through PayPal or wire transfer. And the sign up is free, and only takes a few minutes.

To get started with Upwork:

  1. Go to the Upwork website and click on sign up
  2. Create an account and complete your profile information.
  3. Add a portfolio if you have one explaining your skillset.
  4. Browse through available jobs to find a task that meets your skill sets.
  5. Submit a proposal stating why you are the best candidate for the job.
  6. Wait for the client’s response.

The benefits of working on Upwork include:

  • Flexible working hours. Depending on your availability, you can work as much or as little as you want.
  • Variety of jobs. There are a variety of positions available on Upwork, so you can find one that matches your skills.
  • Payment protection. Upwork guarantees payment to freelancers for every work they complete.

5.     Fiverr

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is a market place for digital services. The site works by connecting businesses to a pool of talented freelancers. Additionally, they offer digital service in more than 400 categories. Some of the top best categories include;

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Video and animation
  • Programming and copywriting etc.

As a freelancer, you’ve the opportunity to create “gigs” and set your own deadline and amount to earn per job completed.

Note: Payment on this platform is guaranteed if you deliver high-quality work.

To get started with Fiverr as a seller:

  1. Visit the Fiverr website and click on sign up to create an account.
  2. Create a seller’s account. Provide information for your skills and what you can offer to attract buyers.
  3. Create a gig. Setting up a gig requires giving information like gig overview and pricing.
  4. Market your gig: After publishing your gig, what is left is selling offers to potential buyers.

Benefits of working on Fiverr

  • 24/7 support: Fiverr has an excellent customer support team. It is available 24/ seven to help you with any issues or questions you have.
  • Quick payments: Fiverr pays freelancers within a few days of completing a gig.
  • Gain experience: By doing gigs on Fiverr, you improve your skillset.

6.     PeoplePerHour

Internet gigIf you’re looking for freelance work in a specific field, PeoplePerHour is a great place to start. Although not a newbie friendly site, with a well detailed profile, you can get clients quickly.

On this platform, both the buyer and the seller agree on the price and deadline, and once the task is completed, you earn your money.

Tips to get your first client in no time on PeoplePerHour

  • Set up a bold profile
  • Upload your best works
  • Offers help in attracting clients
  • Be professional
  • Be patient

7.     Guru

Guru focuses on finding freelance jobs for workers. It has over two million registered users and receives over one billion page views every month.

The site offers a variety of job types. They include programming, design, writing, administrative support, and sales. There’re also a variety of skill levels, so no matter what your experience level is, you will be able to find work on Guru.

8.     99designs

99designs is a great place to find work if you are a graphic designer. This site is home to thousands of design contests. You can submit your designs or compete for jobs. There is a range of categories available on this platform. They range from logos and websites to packaging and illustrations.

How to get started with 99Designs

To start making money with 99Designs is very easy. All you need is to for to their registration page and give your email and address. The next thing is setting up a display name and password, and you are ready to go.

Benefits for working with 99Designs

  • Set your prices
  • Choose to complete the tasks that you enjoy
  • Take part in contests for an award
  • Benchmark with other professional designers

9.     Toptal

If you are a top-notch developer, project manager, or finance expert, Toptal is the site for you. This exclusive network connects talented freelancers with companies all over the world. The name comes from Top Talents. While there are thousands of applicants, only 3% get a chance to work at TopTal.

You need to pass a rigorous screening process to become a member. If you do, you will have access to plenty of high-paying jobs.

Benefits of working with Toptal

  • Exclusive network: Only the best and brightest freelancers get a chance at Toptal.
  • High pay: You can earn a lot of money by working with Toptal.
  • Flexible hours: You can work any time that works for you.
  • No fees: There are no signup or membership fees associated with Toptal.

10.  Designhill

If you are vast in the design world, check out Designhill. This site is home to many web, graphic, and logo designers. Designers can submit their designs for free and compete for jobs. There is no limit on the number of submissions that you can make. It also offers design contests. If your design turns out to be the best, you will get a prize. You will also get to keep the copyright of your work.

How to get started with Designhill

Designhill is very easy to join. You need to provide the signup details, create a profile and upload your best designs. After that, you can start bidding on jobs or participating in contests.

11.  Freelancer

Freelancer is the hub for many work-from-home gigs. They range from design, website copyright, marketing, and transcription gigs. Even better, the tasks come in different sizes, budgets, and deadlines. This gives you a range of options to choose from.

There are also a variety of skill levels. No matter your experience level, you will be able to find work on Freelancer.

All you need is to go through the job list page and bid for the task within your skillset.

Benefits of working with Freelancer

  • No scams: All the jobs on Flexjobs go through screening.
  • A vast pool of jobs.
  • Flexible hours: You can work the hours that suit your schedule.

12.  LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn Profinder works handily with your LinkedIn account. You have to design a unique profile showcasing your areas of expertise and past works. This allows you to connect with other people in those areas. Those who post jobs in LinkedIn Profinder can then search for potential freelancers. Even better, this platform sends tasks within your skillset to your email. What’s limiting is that LinkedIn Profinder is only available to US residents.

How to get started with LinkedIn Profinder

  1. Visit your LinkedIn account
  2. Go to the dropdown menu and choose the LinkedIn Profinder option
  3. Ensure you have a suitable profile for the field you want to pursue
  4. The platform will send you an email notifying you if they accept your request
  5. If you are successful, start exploring

13.  Dribble

Dribble is a designer’s dream. There is a lot a designer can gain from joining this site. You can get job leads and even sell your designs.

You even have a chance to go Pro. As a Pro member, you will have access to more features. These include the ability to sell your designs and get feedback from other Pros.

How to use Dribbble

  1. Once you sign up, upload a few of your best designs.
  2. Create a profile listing your skills and what type of design you specialize in.
  3. Start following designers who inspire you and whose work is similar to yours.
  4. Check out the Jobs tab on the top navigation bar when looking for a job.

14.  Behance

Like Dribble, Behance is a portfolio site for artists of all types. It is geared more towards creatives who want to showcase their work to potential clients. This site offers features such as job postings and project collaboration. It also has a networking feature to help you find the right people to work with.

How to get started with Behance

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Upload your best work.
  3. Create a project page mentioning your skills and contact info.
  4. Start following other creatives whose work inspires you.
  5. When looking for a job, check out the Jobs tab and bid

15.  Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a job board for people who want to work in the creative industry. The site has countless freelancing jobs, from design and development to writing. The site allows workers to rate their experience with clients they work with. It also provides feedback to both clients and workers.

The site gives you a straightforward display for the job listing. It, thus, becomes easy to select a task that suits your area of expertise.

Benefits of working with Authentic Jobs

  • Support: The site has a supportive community of workers willing to help each other out.
  • Credibility: Authentic Jobs is a credible site that has been around for many years.
  • Payment security: They have a payment protection policy that ensures prompt payments.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for long term contracts or one-off gigs, then our top recommendation is Upwork. It has a steady flow of jobs and if you’ve a well detailed profile, chances of landing a client are high.

However, note that the sites listed above have different benefits and features. Besides, they serve different niches, so, choose the one that best suits your needs. Check out another good business opportunity and see if it can serve your purpose.

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