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By | March 29, 2020

Business concept: target and Video Marketing on wall backgroundA great deal of controversy has surrounded the TubeLaunch affiliate program since late 2013. The problem with most of the published reviews regarding this program is that they read like biased content. The reviewer is either staunchly against the product—sometimes labeling it a sham or scam—oroverly supportive of the product due to a personal affiliate stakes. An educated look at TubeLaunch reveals a simple fact: you won’t make money off of simply uploading videos to YouTube, but if you understand the science behind the strategy, TubeLaunch can be an affect affiliate marketing tool.

The Appeal

TubeLaunch instantly appeals to the beginning affiliate marketer looking for a user friendly and simplistic launch into the world of affiliations. It’s a fairly attractive business model for anyone who is savvy with YouTube or knows how to tap into a sizeable audience to gain lots of exposure. The official website presents some basic, upfront answers to all of the basic questions from how it works to how to get started. In a nutshell:

  • You use the program to earn money by downloading and uploading videos.
  • Membership is required.
  • Anyone 18 years of age or older can join.
  • Each membership comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back promise.
  • All you have to do is download and upload pre-made videos.

The Program Details

The program is membership-based and designed to instruct members about howto earn cash online by downloading videos from successful companies and uploading them to YouTube. The requirements for operation arebasic: a computer or a laptop, and access to the Internet.

TubeLaunch operates under a blunt mission statement. Their goal is to be a high converting Clickbank website that sits prominently in the “make money” category. They claim to be one of the highest convertingClickbankwebsites in the marketplace, and their advertised EPC’s range from $3.87 to $250 per sale.

Support is easily reachable via e-mail. All of the details are quickly accessible via the FAQ section of the TubeLaunch website. According to past and present members, the program has some of the best customer support they’ve experience—definitelya noteworthy selling point.

How It Works

The real question is how does it work? Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to what TubeLaunch classifies as its “educational material.”They have several video tutorials that are designed to get you up and running quickly. The bread-and-butter training consists of a how to about earning an income by promoting videos from various multi-million dollar companies. These companies want greater exposure and more sales. They provide you with a promotional video. You download it from TubeLaunch, upload it to your YourTubeaccount, get people to watch it, and reap the rewards of earning commission. In essence, the business model is sharing sponsored videos to earn commission, which is a legitimate affiliate marketing strategy.

The program is user friendly, especially for newbies. It’s set up as a three-step process. Members receive a user database that literally contains tens of thousands of companies. Each company is searching for greater exposure, and they want their videos promoted. Members select the companies that appeal to them, download the promotional videos, and then directly upload to YouTube.

Knowledge of basic marketing is needed for success. Once you upload to YouTube, it’s your job to attract an audience. This takes strategy. The program itself offers some useful techniques for attracting YouTube viewers.

The Skinny on TubeLaunch

So, the website claims that you don’t need any special skills or experience to be successful with TubeLaunch. While this is an obvious plus, especially for the beginner affiliate marketer, it’s also rather misleading. If you’re thinking about purchasing a membership to the program, here are the pros and cons to consider:

  • Pro: It’s a simple program with a basic formula for making money.
  • Pro: It’s easy to learn and implement.
  • Pro: It leverages a popular network for exposure and does not require a strong online business presence.
  • Pro: If you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back.
  • Pro: It’s a viable means of making quick cash.
  • Pro: The out of pocket costs won’t break the bank.
  • Pro: The program is reviewed as having some of the best customer support in the affiliate marketing world.
  • Con: If you can’t attract an audience, you won’t see a return.
  • Con: There’s no free trial or discounted membership rate for first time members.
  • Con:TubeLaunch is not categorized as a real and sustainable business model.
  • Con: The training material offered to members is extremely basic and doesn’t provide a foundation for anything beyond setting up a YouTube account and successfully downloading and uploading videos. It’s not a noteworthy resource, but it is useful for the fledgling beginner.

Out of Pocket Costs

Since the program is membership-based, there is an out of pocket cost associated with leveraging this affiliate program. The membership fee is $34. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the system and your overall results, you can ask for your money back within this 60-day “test” period.

My TubeLaunch Review Conclusion

When something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. If making money online were as easy as downloading and uploading a few videos, none of us would be working day jobs or heading to the office. Although TubeLaunch is a viable affiliate marketing program, it’s not a ready-made meal that will automatically put money in your pocket. A certain amount of marketing knowhow is needed.

The success of the program hinges on your ability to generate an audience. Keep in mind that YouTube is the third biggest website on the Internet. There are more than 4 billion videos views on this network every single day. It’s populated by an almost incomprehensible number of users. How are you going to target an audience who will be interested in the videos you select and then point those people to those videos? You can start see why knowledge of marketing, especially Internet and social media marketing, is essential.

TubeLaunch itself just doesn’t provide the kind of training and useful tools for longevity. Their solution is to buy views, which is a viable means of gaining an audience and creating sales conversion and therefore commission. However, you’ll be paying for those views before earning commission. And there is no guarantee those paid for views will be consumers who will convert. It’s a gamble.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a quick way to turn a profit that doesn’t involve a sizeable out of pocket cost or in-depth business presence, this program could be your ticket. However, you’ll definitely want to first look into Internet marketing and ensure you understand at least the basics. A little pre-education will go a long ways toward helping you use TubeLaunch to its fullest potential.

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