Wake Up Now Scam or Legitimate Business?

By | March 29, 2020

Make Money Computer Key In Green Showing Startup Business And WeWake Up Now has been in the online business market since 2009, providing a hub for product, service and vacation discounts and giving ordinary people a chance to make extra income with sales commissions.  Over the last year, the company has seen extremely rapid growth, posting impressive profits and bringing in new members at a startling rate.As Wake Up Now has expanded, more and more people have started asking the question: is it Wake Up Now scam, or a legitimate business opportunity?

How it works

When you sign up for Wake Up Now, you gain access to their online marketplace, called “the HUB”.  While the HUB does offer some discrete products, like an energy drink and some software options, what really makes up the center of Wake Up Now’s business is its discount program, where discounts on everything from shoes to luxury vacations are available to Wake Up Now members and their referrals.  Every time you share a Wake Up Now offer and someone buys it using your link, you earn a commission on that product.

Of course, people wouldn’t be questioning whether Wake Up Now is a scam if direct sales were the whole business.  Once you sign up as an IBO – Independent Business Owner – the best way to start making money is by persuading other people to sign up as IBOs using your referral code.  Not only do you make a commission every time someone under you sells a product; you also earn money every time someone in your downline refers someone new.  Recruiting three new IBOs underneath you waives your monthly membership fee; if each of those recruits three more, your income jumps to $600 per month, increasing again as your downline grows.  Direct selling earns you a small amount of money, but, at its heart, Wake Up Now is definitely an MLM system.

What it costs

While it is technically possible to get started with Wake Up Now for free, they don’t make it easy at all.  To begin with, in order to qualify to start earning commission, you need to earn a certain amount of “personal volume”.  You can do this slowly by taking advantage of the limited products available to free users by buying them yourself or recommending them to friends, but it is definitely easiest to make up your personal volume by just paying the $99.95/month Platinum membership fee right away.  If you do choose to continue for free and earn your PV the hard way, you have to enter the system as part of someone else’s downline, which means that you need to supply another user’s ID to get started.  Wake Up Now business owners are always happy to build their downlines, so getting hold of someone to enroll you isn’t difficult, but it is still another step to encourage you to just pay the membership fee up front.

If you do decide to pay the membership fee to get started, there are three possible tiers:

  1. Silver ($24.95/month), which gives you access to a limited number of HUB features, mostly discounts
  2. Gold ($64.95/month), which opens up the Vacation Club and some of Wake Up Now’s finance products and magazine subscriptions
  3. Platinum ($99.95/month), which gives you access to the full range of HUB products and services, including the Vacation Club and language learning software.

Actually booking through the Vacation Club costs another $89 in one-time activation fees; otherwise your Gold or Platinum membership fee lets you look, but not touch.  If you’re just looking to take advantage of Wake Up Now’s discounts for yourself, then you can get away with a Silver or Gold membership, but actually making money through Wake Up Now is definitely easiest with the more expensive Platinum membership.

Wake Up Now Scam

Wake Up Now Website

Conclusion: scam or not?

Some of its advertising is a little misleading, and Wake Up Now is pretty aggressive about parting you from your signup fee before it really lets you do anything, but it isn’t a scam.  It is a real business that has experienced very rapid growth over the past few years, and it is definitely possible, legally and legitimately to make a decent income through Wake Up Now.  On the other hand, there’s a very big difference between the attractive dollar figures Wake Up Now advertises in its videos, and the reality of what most people earn through the system.  On top of that, despite the promotional videos making it look as though you make your income through commission on product sales, the fact is that the vast majority of the business is based on an MLM structure.  Sure, you can earn a few cents by pointing your friends and family towards neat products and discounts, but if you aren’t willing to aggressively build your downline and collect those recruitment fees, you’d get a much better return selling kitchen knives door-to-door.  As a discount site, Wake Up Now has a lot going for it, especially when it comes to the travel discounts; but for making money, it’s unlikely Wake Up Now will allow you to quit your day job.

The Wake Up Now Scam may not be an actual scam but your not likely to escape the 9 to 5 with this program.  If your serious about escaping the 9 to 5, you need to check out my top recommended program.

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