What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a fundamental business tool that can be very effective if used correctly. Like with all popular tools, it is sometimes used wrongly or abusively, and spamming is only the most common example in this sense. This article answers the question: What is email marketing? –  showing you how you can use it to promote your business.

What is email marketing?

What is email marketing?

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an electronic version of direct marketing, which uses e-mail and the Internet to communicate messages with a commercial purpose. As one of the most effective online marketing strategies, it uses the features of conventional mail marketing, taking them to a whole new level.

What’s the Purpose of Email Marketing?

  • To strengthen current customer base and stimulate repeat business.
  • To acquire new customers.
  • To promote immediate purchases.

Advantages of Email Marketing

It’s Cheap

Unlike other advertising strategies, email marketing is extremely affordable, as it allows you to reach hundreds or thousands of customers by email at minimal costs.

It’s Effective

When done right, email marketing can be more effective than other direct marketing options. Spamming, which is the major drawback of email marketing, can be limited by using opt-in emailing, which means getting the recipient to consent to receiving relevant e-mail messages.

Monitoring Is Easy

The technology available today allows you to monitor the efficiency or inefficiency of your email marketing campaign, so that you can then identify and correct your strategy.

What Are the Key Elements of Successful Email Marketing?

To work, email marketing needs to include several key features.


To be opened, read, and then prompt action, emails need to be personal and relevant for the recipient.


This includes all the graphic elements of an email, from layout to font, images, and colors. To hook your customers, you need to know what they like and what they hate.


Customers react to email marketing if there’s something in it for them. Make sure you have something to offer, that is something they can’t do without.

The Big Picture

Email marketing needs to be integrated within the bigger marketing frame of a business. This means that all marketing communication strategies should be coherent to have an impact on customers.


The copy you use in your email marketing campaigns is of paramount importance. What you say and how you say it can win or lose you customers, so learn to write great copy to stand out from the crowd. Your customers get emails from your competitors as well. It’s up to you to grab their attention with a unique voice.

Action Call

Your end goal is to use emails to get you conversions. When you use links and messages prompting action, be sure to show your potential customers exactly what you expect them to do.

To succeed with email marketing, you need to learn how to create emails that don’t get trashed in the spam folder. Before you start, ask yourself, what is email marketing? Then see if your email marketing campaigns include the key elements that make the difference between success and failure. It takes some work, but it will surely pay off in the long run.

More Questions?

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