The Work From No Home System Review

By | March 29, 2020

scIn 2012, Peng Joon debuted an Internet marketing product called Work From No Home. The product instantly gained recognition because of Joon’s background. Prior to releasing this work-from-home moneymaking guide, he created several niche products, including million dollar earners Farmville Secrets, WoW Secrets, and Diablo 3 Secrets. His previous huge successes backed his new product strongly.

The Target Audience

Work From No Home targets the would be work-from-home audience, but with a unique twist. Instead of feeling tied to your computer at home, you can use this guide to discover how to work through the freedom of you laptop, anywhere. It’s an attractive product for the beginner affiliate marketer in search of guidance about just how to start leveraging affiliate marketing.

Product Overview

In my reviews, I break the product in question down into a 3-part overview that showcases the training, tools, and support of the product. In the case of this Internet marketing guide, I’m going to create this breakdown visibly to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting:

Training:Somewhat outdated. Work From No Home is a guide, plain and simple. It’s a downloadable PDF that outlines how to make money online through affiliate marketing. There’s also a complete video course and multiple case studies of Peng Joon’s system in action.

The guide Joon created isn’t any more exceptional than any other published guide about affiliate marketing. What makes it unique is the shift from just working from home to working while traveling the world or taking a vacation. Joon covers the same topic with a different marketing tactic designed to appeal to a slightly different audience.

Tools:Questionable.You could call the video course a tool. Technically, you could call Joon’s guide a tool. But it’s nothing more than an educational tool designed to teach you a little about how to make money via affiliate marketing online.

Support:Non-existent. The official website claims the program comes with “good support” because it’s something they “REALLY believe in.” The Contact section of the website even says your questions will be answer quickly. Take a look:

It sounds great, but the “Click Here For Support!” link doesn’t work. There’s no e-mail address or phone number for support. Conclusion: You’re not buying support. The Contact page is merely in place to give buyers a false sense of security.

The Advantages & Disadvantages

The product holds true to Joon’s previous niche successes. He didn’t create a generic marketing product. Instead, he designed one for the newbie who needs help getting up and running with their niche website. As a result, the product has some strong advantages:

  • It’s affordable and user friendly.
  • The product has a lot of good information for beginners.

But before you jump in and purchase Work From No Home, take a moment to consider the documented disadvantages of the product:

  • It’s not a complete program, prebaked to hand you moneymaking abilityinstantly—it’s only a guide for getting started.
  • Help and/or support are not included—it truly is a what-you-download-is-what-you-get product.
  • Additional expenses are required (i.e. purchasing your own website(s) and hosting, tools, etc.).
  • Some of the tactics are outdated and practically worthless.
  • The guide focuses on creating numerous niche websites on autopilot instead of building a quality business—it’s not a long-term moneymaking or business model.

The Price You Pay

The guide can be yours for a one-time, small fee of $37 USD. It’s not a bad price. In fact, it’s a rather affordable one. But keep firmly in mind that your $37 are purchasing a guide and that’s it. If you want to get off the ground and start using the information contained in the guide, you’re going to have a number of additional out of pocket costs to cover, including:

  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • Additional tools (i.e. keyword research software, auto-responder services, etc.)

Before deciding to buy the guide, factor in the additional out of pocket expenses for startup. Once you have an idea of the big financial picture, you can better decide if you want to spend $37 for a somewhat outdated guide, or opt for an actual work-from-home platform that includes a website, training and tools, and live support.

My Work From No Home Conclusion

Work From No Home is a guide about how to use affiliate marketing programs successfully—nothing more.The PDF guide is designed for beginners—people who haven’t ever touched affiliate marketing before—and is broken into five modules:

  1. The Market Manipulation System
  2. Newbie Central
  3. The Profit Saboteur Central
  4. Getting the Big G’s Goodbooks
  5. Pole Position Package

It’s not a business model, and it’s not capable of greatly expanding your knowledge or business skills. It’s not a scam or a shabby product, but it is just a guide.

If you’ve never tried affiliate marketing, you might benefit from buying and reading this guide as a starter product. But it won’t take you far beyond a basic knowledge. The world of online marketing changes quickly, which is why most comparable products are based around communities and support. You will find far greater valuein a program like Wealthly Affiliate, where the platform is Internet-based and easily updatable as the online world runs through trends and produces new, more effective tools.

If you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend the Work From No Home guide. Although the price is a bit of a steal, many other platforms offer a free 30-day trial and comparable monthly membership fee for access to a platform with in-depth training, effective tools for business growth, and a free website—not to mention reputable 24/7 support and updates. The overall savings of such platforms far outweighs the out of pocket costs you will inevitable incur by buying the Work From No Home guide.

If you’re looking to grow your current affiliate marketing or online business, Work From No Home is not the product for you. It’s highly likely you already know the information contained in the guide. In fact, you probably have access to more detailed and current information through the programs, platforms, and resources you’ve already discovered.

In conclusion, my recommendation is to spend your time and money on something more current and comprehensive. Educate yourself regarding affiliate marketing and Internet marketing. Chances are you can and will find free online resources offering more valuable and recent guidance in comparison to the Work From No Home guide.

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